my quirky side

Last night my 16 year old informed me that he needed map colors;

“do we have any?” he asked.

Now where did I put those? I replied. Because you know I use those everyday.

After some digging, I found a large bag full of wonderful goodness

Crayons, markers, pens, pencils, glitter glue, a deck of cards…lo and behold;


Now for my quirky confession; I sifted through the bag and pulled out a gazillion map colors.

Unfortunately they were broken or dull and that just sends my little OCD brain over the edge.

There I was…sitting at a crossroad.

My choices were a manual dino pencil sharpener or desktop crank (old school) pencil sharpener.

Old school won out, but there was a little glitch in my process. You see, the old school pencil sharpener is designed to be attached to a flat surface with three screws.

aaaarrrrgggh…who has time for this?

Here comes the best part…

How many hands does it take to sharpen about 3 dozen map colors?

Only three!

One of mine held the top of the sharpener to keep it steady, the other hand did the cranking and Riley held the pencil in while I sharpened.


Aren’t they lovely?

Yes, I know that I’ve just confessed my crazy obsession with school supplies, specifically map colors,  and the compulsion to have them displayed in their pristine pointedness.

What can I say?

I’m a dork!

2 thoughts on “my quirky side

  1. My old school pencil sharpener is screwed right to the door frame on one of the kitchen doors!
    I love it there!

    I think the map pencils look great! Like a bouquet of sorts.
    Never mind being a dork.

    We like you how you are!

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