a wall of crosses

What a  fun day we had.  Mr. Rust and I were up and ready to go Saturday morning.  The one thing we wanted to get done over the weekend, was get my cross collection up off the floor.  When we began the den redo back in November, we removed everything from four rooms.  I had crosses all over the house.  I have to admit that it is amazing how much one can accumulate over time.  And you never really know how many items you have in a collection until you pull it all together in one display.  It’s really awesome and a bit emotional because every cross we’ve collected over time, has it’s own story.

If you recall, we had decided to use this wall in our den.  I asked several loved ones to give their opinion on which wall we should use, in the end we all made the right decision.  Not just for how it looks, but because it took this size of wall to display the whole collection.

Remember, this was how it looked before we got busy.

and now it looks like this…

this is what you see walking into our den from the kitchen/dining room area.

you definitely know where a person’s eyes will land…it’s a bit hard to miss.

and this is what you see coming into the den from the entry hall…

and this is the wall when you walk into the room from the sun room…

in fact the only time you don’t see the wall of crosses, is when you walk into the room from the bedroom area.  As you can guess, our home is not that large.  It’s cozy, and the den is the center of our home…making it a perfect place for a beautiful wall of crosses and scripture tablets.

I can happily say that we achieved what we sat out to accomplish.  Remember this all started because this wall …the “cross wall”, was the wall that needed something to break it up.  I think we did it.  But the best part of the whole day was sitting down to look at it.  We know longer want to face the television, we now have a “gallery” to look at.   And…I left room for just a few more 🙂  Only a few though, we’ve already got 22 crosses on the wall, for sure there will be 23 and then maybe I’ll hang one of my beaded Ichthys (Christian fish) designs .

One more goal checked off our long list of things to get done.

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7 thoughts on “a wall of crosses

  1. I love it!
    I haven’t counted my crosses- don’t think I have 22– yet 😉 {wink}

    I may have to rethink my window, now. I love how this turned out. So pretty. I also like the scripture over the door- and is that a 10 Commandments plaque there in the middle?

    I like it, Cindi– you and hubby did well. Certainly no questioning where your treasure is!


  2. love love love
    your new wall of crosses

    what a simple and clever idea
    for artfully filling a large empty space

    thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded

    i am following you via FB and LF
    and would love for you to follow back


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