Dressing the Dresser

Creating vignettes are one of my favorite things to do.  Dusting is not. So creating seasonal vignettes is a really fun thing for me because I can two things done at once and the chore of dusting is pretty painless when visions of primping and fluffing are swimming in my head.

Today I’m dressing a dresser we have in our den.  Calling it a dresser makes me laugh because if this was my dresser in my bedroom I would never be able to shut the drawers.  Not that I have that many clothes, but Mr. Rust would argue that point. Being that it’s not big enough to store clothes, we use it to store stuff.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of stuff, but I know that photos are “stuffed” into one of the drawers.  The others probably could use a good cleaning.  Uh…yeah, maybe after I have nothing else to do…like dress the top of this dresser!

We are slowly getting the den put back together. This wall is almost complete, for now it’s good enough.  There is some touching up to do, but it will wait.   I threw some of my things on top of this dresser to get in out of my bedroom floor.  This mess is beginning to get to me and it’s making me restless.  Plus the huge stacks of storage tubs and boxes from the attic…I might loose my mind.  I just need to remember that it will all look nice once it is all done.

Riley is adding ornaments to the tree today, that will undoubtedly empty several storage boxes and we can toss them back up into the attic.  The snowmen have begun their march into the den, the cute little snow globe snowman in the photo above,  made a rest stop here and I think he will camp there for the season.  He’s musical and the g’kids love to clap their hands and make him play music.

I wanted to add some height to this lamp so I added layers.  Stacking is a great way to add dimension to any flat surface.  Books are my favorite props for stacking and we have so many books that they need to make good use of themselves in other places other than a bookshelf.

But wait a minute…that’s not very seasonal looking is it. In fact it’s kind of blah.

In about 15 minutes time this dresser went from blah to ahh!  and the best part is that it cost $0

I just covered the books in gift wrap, stuffed a burlap bag with paper, went out and snipped some branches off of my Yupon Holly tree, added some moss and tied with jute and green ribbon, threw in some pine cones, added a Pyracantha berry sprig to the lamp, some cinnamon logs, snowman magnet on the lamp (cute) and used my rusty hinge as an easel for a coaster.   The copper tree is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  It was handmade by the same artist who made my “coffee” table and he makes my steal crosses for me.

Step back…

I’m calling this done!  Moving on to the next project…with Riley doing the tree that only leaves about 4 more areas to fluff.  I may be done by Christmas!

Merry Christmas Blessings,

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