what does this say about me?

He brought me a bouquet of…


also know as Firethorn

well I guess I could assume he thinks I’m hot

but considering the thorns

maybe I could assume that he thinks I’m as sharp as a tack

on the other hand…

maybe it’s because I can be a bit ornery and this is what I get…

a prickly branch of berries.

nah…he did bring me a lovely bouquet of flowers for our 27th wedding anniversary last Friday.


They have thorns too.

I can only assume that he brought these awesome bunch of branches to me so I could make something pretty.

I do need to spruce of my grapevine wreath hanging on the front door that has nothing on it…it’s a naked wreath.


makes me cold just think’n about it.

Actually, something else needed the vibrant pop of red from this prickly plant.

my mantle got the “rustic” Christmas makeover yesterday

I’ll share that story tomorrow.

Today we are painting, boxing with barbwire and looks like an attic crawl is on the agenda for today!


Have you been following the 14 Days of Make it Merry?

Here’s the update list of links…

Wreaths by Kassi at Truly Lovely Blog

Wreaths by Vanessa at NiftyThrifyThings

Christmas Trees by Diane at HomeSweetHomemade

Christmas Trees by Carrie at Project Possessed

Christmas Trees by Jill at Jill Ruth & Co.

Holiday Home by Micheal at Blue Velvet Chair

Holiday Home by Michele at hello lovely inc.

Gifts & Wrapping by Carolyn at Homework

Gifts & Wrapping by Decor to Adore


nifty thrifty things

peace. love. rust.


Merry Christmas
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