new boots and coco

I bought new boots…well they’re really black suede booties to wear with my skinny jeans.

That cracks me up typing that. Skinny Jeans, wish they made me look skinny 🙂

Any who…this is the box they came in.

Check out the bottom!  pretty cool.  see it says recycle.  so I did.

I also bought some new paint.  Yep, I now officially have a collection of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  My latest score…”CoCo”

and oh my it is yum!

I needed some thing to try it out on, you know…before I move onto bigger projects.

I needed a test subject.

It’s not like I’m short on those 😉

Another $1 frame I’ve had laying around.  It’s now being put to work.

Like my work station?  Doesn’t everyone paint with their fresh produce nearby?

So the new paint color “CoCo” is “dream-o”!  Which is so weird because I went to buy French Linen and they were out, I was bummed.  But CoCo was another color I wanted so I bought it.

It was meant to be.  I should know better, everything happens for a reason.

Back to my boot box.

I cut out the bottom with the awesome black roses on it.

Then experimented with some mixed media art.  Not my usual groove, but every once and awhile ya gotta think out of the box (hahaha) that was good.  You have to try something new, if nothing more than to prove that you can.

Sounds good right?  Yeah, but you’ll never see me bungee jumping, cause I don’t care if I can, I’m a chicken.

I’m happy to report that I can do mixed media art, somewhat…

This was actually a very fun and relaxing project.

I think I’ll need more boots 🙂

And that my friends is how you recycle!

Here’s the kicker…I have no place to put it.  It’s really not my colors.  Maybe Riley would like it for her room.  It might look really awesome on her chocolate brown walls.

Tomorrow’s my big day!  My 14 days of Make it Merry post.  Holiday in the Home…I can’t wait to share it with you!  Below are the first six days.  Check them out…you won’t be disappointed!

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nifty thrifty things

peace. love. rust.

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7 thoughts on “new boots and coco

  1. what a gorgeous print on that box – I think that you did an incredible job recycling! I like your mixed media approach too, lots of interest in the layers. I only wish you had included a picture of the boots – I LOVE new shoes!!!! they don’t even have to be mine. I get excited about anyone’s shoes 🙂

    xo, diane

  2. This is a great post and I love your blog. Hopping from Katherine’s Corner today and already following, but also following now on Twitter and Pinterest. Love your boards. I need more time to take in all you have to offer. TFS

  3. I love your eco friendly masterpiece!Thank you for joining the hop this week, please let me know if you’d like to co host some time. Did you remember to add your wonderful blog to the blog list page? Big Hugs and have a happy weekend!

  4. I could happily spend hours visiting your blog and dreaming about doing projects.
    Yesterday I took a day for myself and ran out to the big city for crafting supplies. (OK – it was from a free CraigsList ad, but it was an excuse.)
    I saw the beckoning bright shiny lights of a “popular” store, which I won’t mention because I was less than impressed. I stood at the wall hangings wall shaking my head at the shabby work. And Thinking Cindi would have done this so much better!

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