tuesday to-do’s

i want to welcome all of my new guests hopping over from Fishtail Cottage. Tracie’s doing some fun giveaways all this month and one of my Rustique Art crosses was yesterday’s giveaway. if you would like to enter for a chance to win, go here to get all the details. drawing will be held on Dec. 2nd.

much to do today. much too distracted to get it all done. but i gave it my best shot.

1. package orders and mail

2. walk to work (room just off of the kitchen)  work on articles, answer emails and return phone calls

3. remember to eat

4. clean kitchen

5. fold clothes

6. grocery shop

7. play with barbed wire (free time)

8. clean off dining room table

9. create Christmas center piece for table

10. list more items in my Etsy shop

11. plan out “make it merry” blog post for Thursday

my house is a total mess which is probably why i’m so distracted. i did get 1,2,3,4,6,7 and 11 done!  that’s progress.

still need to make a trip to Home Depot. but i’d rather stay home. so while i stay home being a bum i guess i had better work on the rest of my list. i haven’t seen my dining room table in more than a week. but my den looks awesome. not complete yet but it’s looking good. walls are painted. we went with board and batten on the walls. all of that is up. baseboards, door frames are done. now everything just needs to be painted. and decorated. the tree is up. but nothing is on it yet. no big deal. i still have 24 hours to get that done. funny thing is, when i’m up against a deadline, all i wanna do is play and create. will i ever grow up?

okay. enough!

gotta run. but first i have to give shout out for jill at Jill Ruth & Co. you have to go see what she has done with some old boards and a little imagination. wow! i’m already planning how i can make one.  no wonder i’m so distracted today.

Wreaths by Kassi at Truly Lovely Blog

Wreaths by Vanessa at NiftyThrifyThings

Christmas Trees by Diane at HomeSweetHomemade

Christmas Trees by Carrie at Project Possessed

Christmas Trees by Jill at Jill Ruth & Co.


nifty thrifty things

peace. love. rust.

the blue velvet chair homework project possessed meridian road modern country style Truly Lovely home sweet homemade Jill Ruth & Co. Rustique Art hello lovely inc. Decor to Adore Inspire Me Heather Ladybird Ln Image Map

3 thoughts on “tuesday to-do’s

  1. I am visiting from Tracie’s. Thank you for offering one of your wonderful artworks for her celebrations. I am happy to now be following you.
    You would not think “play with barb wire” is on too many people’s lists, and yet the crowd I hang with I know it appears on more than one.

  2. Coming by from Tracie’s place…LOVE your blog and now I’m a follower!!! Thanks for the giveaway…the cross is stunning.


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