a little “spring” action

Everywhere you look these days you can find bed springs popping in and around blogland and Pinterest. So many cute projects are being done with those little crusty vintage treasures. But what if you don’t have flea markets, junk yards, antique shops or salvage barns in or around your area.

What if you’re just chomping at the bit to get your hands on some rusty bed springs?

What if…
you could make your own?

Why couldn’t you?

Okay, they wouldn’t be vintage…eh, I’ll give ya that. But you would still have some bed springs to work your magic on and add a touch of funkiness to your home decor.

All you need is some 16 gauge wire, 14 gauge works good too but it can be a bit ornery and stiff.  So if you have issues with sore hands ( like me ) I would suggest using the 16 gauge.  Home Depot or Lowe’s have a plethora of wire, believe me, I know this because I spend hours drooling over their wire inventory.  It won’t be rusty, but I will give you a link to the online store where I buy mine.

You will measure out a yard of wire, try to get it as straight as you can then grab a pair of pliers.  I use a pair of flat nosed pliers but you can use whatever you have lying around the house.  Even your fingers will work if you have nothing. Grasp one end and begin rolling the wire inward creating a loose curve.

Continue with the inward coiling keeping the coil loose so that you are creating a spiral shape.

Taking the opposite end with your pliers make a small bend in the wire and attach that loop to the last loop and crimp to hold firm.

My lovely hand model, Miss Rusty Riley 😉 will demonstrate the opening of the spring… while firmly grasping  the bottom coil in one hand begin to pull upward from the center of the coil until you get the desired height and dimension of the spring.

Now I understand that this will not look exactly like a vintage bed spring, it’s going to look a bit wonky but once I played with it a bit, it began to achieve the look I was wanting.

I even tried it with some galvanize wire for a different look

The beauty of making your own bed springs is that you can make the size you want out of the wire you want.  From here you can paint the wire or leave as is.

You might have notice the heart cut out of sheet music.  I did this to demonstrate how easy it would be to make an angel out of the bed spring.  I’ve seen several designs of Bed Spring Angels across blog land, wings can be made from a heart attached with a few drops of glue.

You can embellish these springs with beads, paper tags or ribbon…hang on your Christmas tree, holiday banner or just sit on a table…use as a candle holder, napkin holder…the list is endless.

I promised that I would share my rusty wire source with you, I order my rusty wire online at Factory Direct Crafts.  They have tons of awesomely cool stuff to play with.   My silver galvanized wire I bought at Home Depot in the picture hanging section.  Other wire can be found all over the store.  Electrical is a great wire haven too.

I can’t wait to see all of the bed spring project that you all will be creating with your “handmade” bed springs.

Hey, some other bloggers and myself are on a 14 day “make it merry” journey of DIY holiday ideas.  My contribution is coming up on December 1st, but below are the awesome blogs who have shared their ideas already.   Be sure to check them out and tell them Rustique Art sent you.

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nifty thrifty things

peace. love. rust.

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4 thoughts on “a little “spring” action

  1. could this be any more perfect? I hoard wire too 🙂 I noticed that my sister-in-law had a collection of tractor springs sitting on a table in her home. The wire was heavy duty and had been painted smooth white, so you really couldn’t tell what it was to begin with. It was just this really interesting coil. So many possibilities! xo, diane

  2. I have a question about making your own springs with the rusty wire, I love the
    idea, but you said measure out a yard of wire that’s 36 inches that seems like
    a lot for one tree. They don’t look at big.

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