what a week!

Baby girl bought her first car

The key is hanging from her thumb…hard to see it, looks like she’s saying; “can’t touch this”!

I cried. She didn’t know that. It was special.


Baby boy’s football team played in the playoffs at Cowboy Stadium

He’s #34

my butt used to look that good 🙂


Bought the paint and all the extras for the den, entry hall, west wing ( I’ll explain that later) project renovation has begun.

Roasted Marshmallow

it’s really pretty and quite different from red.


Fall colors too little too late

My Sweet Gum tree…trying so hard to bring some lovely fall color to our yard.

We experienced extreme heat and drought this summer,

we weren’t expecting any color, fall rains have helped but this is not the color we’ve seen in the past.

The mums are making up for the lack of tree color in our yard though

So I took a minute to snap a photo of their lovely display


Spent the weekend painting, up and down the ladder, bending in strange positions

I’m exhausted and sore everywhere possible

it’s time to end this weekend.

Traveling to the Hill Country tomorrow!

Wonder what I’ll find on the way?

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