we’ve only just begun…

 we painted our den a lovely shade of red…in 1995

it’s now time for a change

we finally took action on what we’ve talked about for about 2 years now

a new color

i hate decisions

especially those that i will have to live with for 16 more years

so it’s gotta be the right color

something easy on the eyes

something soothing

and so it begins like this…

two coats of Kilz

at first we thought it was a nice change

but now we know that we were just exhausted from patching and painting all day

this morning i walked into my den and almost cried

some people love white walls

i do too…in other peoples homes but not mine

until this morning i’ve never known Mr. Rusty to say much of anything about the color of our walls

he’s pretty much on board with every idea my weird little brain can dream up

but this morning he voiced his thoughts about the white walls, even though they are temporary

he says; “it seems so big in here”

okay your probably thinking that’s not a bad thing…right?

but then he shocked the socks off of me with his next statement;

“it’s just not warm and cozy in here anymore”

really?  did he just say “warm and cozy”?

but he’s right…it didn’t and too top it off, it feels like we just moved in because of all the boxes sitting around and the empty walls.  i know that in a few days all will be completed and things will be back on track, but until then it feels foreign to me.

in the third pic you can see the new tiles for the fireplace hearth

i ripped out the other one a few months ago…my oldest son is still not happy with that, oh well!

they will be set and grouted this week

 painting the fireplace brick… that’s still in the “thinking about it” stage

the new color going on the walls (today that is, that could change tomorrow)…Toasted Marshmallow 🙂

hope it smells like that!

With next week being Thanksgiving, the holiday season will be in full swing…parties, dinners, family, friends, church activities, gift giving and more…

Diane of Home Sweet Homemade had a great idea for a fun holiday treat!

in a few weeks 14 wonderful bloggers will come together for the

“Make It Merry” 14 Day & 14 DIY Ideas Blog Party

Kassi at Truly Lovely will kick it off November 25th and Sarah at Modern Country Style will wrap it up (pun intended) on December 8th!

each day the host blogger for that day will feature and DIY idea for the holidays

Rustique Art will jump in on the 1st of December with Holiday at Home

you won’t want to miss one single day!



i’m off to sort though another box of stuff we don’t need anymore

where does all of this stuff come from
i don’t remember bringing this kind of junk into my home
my shredder will be smok’n and my trash cans full this week
but that could just mean my house just might be clean for a change!
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2 thoughts on “we’ve only just begun…

  1. That’s what we’ve got throughout most of our house – for the same reason. I wanted something that would last forever. I bought a five gallon bucket and went to town. SUPER neutral, but that can be a good thing too, right?

    (although there are times I’m tempted to paint over with something more sassy, but that would mean I have to repaint the stairway, with it’s vaulted ceilings….so it’s pretty much not happening. Ever.)

    Good luck!

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