she’s so stink’n awesome!

and she’s gentle, kind, loving, adorable and amazingly…


 Do you buy TOMS shoes? We do. Although I don’t have any yet 😦
(Note to self… Add TOMS shoes to your wish list)

Riley (adorable daughter no.2) has several pairs and every pair she buys a little TOMS bag comes with the shoes.

So cute but what do ya do with all of them?


Riley figured it out!

Did you know this girl can sew!

One of her many talents.

No….she didn’t?

Oh yes!!!

she did!!!

pretty dang cute…right?

she removed the little brass grommets…

and yes she saved them for me to use on something 🙂

then used the drawstrings to tie up the end of the pillowcase!

I asked her about the little holes left from the grommets…

get this, she says to me  “I like them that way…they’ll just fray”

I’m so proud of my baby girl!

I just wish TOMS still had their affiliate program…

maybe I’ll buy stock!

peace. love. rust.  and TOMS!

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7 thoughts on “she’s so stink’n awesome!

  1. so cute!
    you’re right…she is so creative…not to mention clever and thoughtful!

    the fruit doesn’t fall very far from the tree…Pat

  2. I just found your blog thru Funky Junk and I love this idea. My DD is a TOMS shoes addict, LOL. I know I have at least 3 of these bags that I’ve been saving. I know what I’ll do with them now. Thanks for the idea!

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