a salvage junkie’s dream

Today two of my closest friends thought of me and asked if I wanted something they didn’t want anymore. Isn’t it wonderful to be loved and thought of by others.  I was tickled pink when I heard what it was.  Then I was giddy when I received a text with photos of what they wanted to give me.  And next thing you know, they are backing into my driveway and unloading my gifts.

I did my best to keep my glee in check. 

I kept my feet on the ground. 

I felt a little twitch in one toe though.


I won’t be able to sleep tonight with all of the ideas jumping around in my head.

Mr. Rust is going to wonder what I’ve gone and done now.

If my SIL is reading this, he’s probably shaking his head right now and wondering “what in the world?”

but just you wait!

in the wise words of Yoda;

“doubt me you shouldn’t!”

I don’t know about you, but I just get all tingly when I know someone is thinking of me…especially when they are looking at something rusty, old and junky at the same time they are thinking about me.  You may think I’m joking but I’m being totally serious, see…

so serious 🙂 in front of my computer writing this blog post!

and check out the two seriously sleeping dogs on their dog couch…the bums!

But really…it’s so sweet to know you’re being thought of.  Last night my sister in law shared with me that when my little brother and her were in an antique store, he saw something and said;  “Cindi would love this”

I’m going to cry…

I don’t know if I was more touched that he thought of me or that my little brother was antique shopping with his wife!!!

I’m so proud of him!

okay…I have to go eat and begin my plans for my new stuff

peace. love. rust.


3 thoughts on “a salvage junkie’s dream

  1. how cool! most people would not even give tossing that or burning it A 2ND THOUGHT and i know those barrel bands alone are GOLD 🙂 love the wood, love the whole thing. good for you !!!

  2. Hi Cindi
    The rusty straps to that barrel make excellent handles if you plan on making any totes or boxes! I made a bunch and they turned out great!

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