itch’n to create

Restless & Stressed

Nope it’s not a new soap opera, it was how I felt today.

Chocolate didn’t even help…although I gave it a good shot and put a good dent in the Ghiradelli milk chocolate chip stash.

I couldn’t concentrate on work

no focus. no productivity.

It finally dawned on me what was wrong.

I needed to create something

I needed some studio time

I write a lot in my job…emails, articles and social networking (you feel sorry for me don’t you)

I do love my job and I get to work from home and my boss is amazing

all of what I do is creating in a sense.

but sometimes…

I just need to touch some metal. some rust. some wire and make something out of junk.

so I did.

Awhile back I found some great rusty junk at an old rail yard.

like this pile of…rusty noodles 🙂

and some railroad spikes and some other funky looking things.  I was in hog heaven. I brought them home and they’ve been patiently waiting for their turn on my workbench.

Today I grabbed a few of those rusty items and a metal heart pendant from some old jewelry I had dismantled

I love this metal pendant.  It looks “old world” and it has hearts on it.  The black stone could be anything, not sure. I have another one too. I’ve wanted to use them for a long time but just never found anything that I wanted to pair it up with.

Until today.

I went a little off of my usual path of design

no beads. no wire cross.

just some found objects that needed a place to call home

it’s simple and minimal and kind of quirky.

Oh I know it won’t be to everyone’s liking

but that’s okay, I don’t design pieces based on what other people will like

I just go with what moves me to create…

what I call that “divine” inspiration.

It did calm my restless spirit and I was able to sit and work

with focus and at peace

until I was forced to go to the grocery store in the rain

the injustice of it all.

you know

if you look at it long enough, it will begin to grow on you.

I will list it tomorrow in my Etsy shop and if it never sells

then that just means it’s meant to stay here with me.

peace. love. rust.

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8 thoughts on “itch’n to create

  1. That’s very creative! I like the rusty noodle thing. 🙂
    I just picked up a bunch of old railroad spikes. They’re just sitting there, waiting for me to do something with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am your newest follower, and I have to say your work is absolutely Stunning! This is so creative and different, it’s a beautiful piece of art 🙂

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