owl love.

I’m been bitten by the Owl love bug

I saw these and clicked the “add to cart” button before I could blink!

They are sitting on my lamp next to my bed.  They’re so tiny and sweet.  I play with them.

She says;

“I’ll follow you anywhere”

“even when you’re lost and won’t ask for directions”

See…aren’t they fun?

Since when did they become so adorable to me?

I never remember liking owls before

but I seem to recall falling deeply in love with one that I’ve had for a long time.

An antique owl cookie jar by Shawnee.

I remember the day I knew I could never let it go.  I’ve been photographing and cataloging my vintage cookie jars, getting them ready to sell. 

But not this one…

Nope he’s staying with me until I die or he breaks (oh that hurts to imagine that)

But now it occurs to me that I seem to be loving them all…

and collecting them.  But I didn’t realize I was collecting them

all of the sudden I have more that one…

last count I have SIX!

Is that a collection?

Not an obsession yet…right?

So what if I have a Pinterest board just for “my” owls.

Well not just mine, but all the ones I secretly covet.

Does that mean I’m obsessed or just smitten?


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