what in the world was i thinking?

Ever had those times when you’ve bought something put it in your home and it looks ridiculous?

Or how about when you have a piece of furniture that you thought you could paint and make it look like new again?

You might have told yourself these things to make the it all seem okay;

“I’ll live with it a few days and it will grow on me”

but years went by, you still hate and it’s still sitting in your home.


“It works for now, I’ll repaint it later”

but it’s still that horrendous color of paint you picked up off of the “oops” self at Home Depot.

I living that life right now….

what in Sam Hill (who is that anyway)….

was I thinking?

Oh no. no. no.  I did not buy this dresser looking like this.

This was Riley’s dresser from her (blush) nursery.  I was a lovely pickled pined finish with some light tolle paining on it.

But she out grew that style and I needed  dresser.   Now at the time, my walls where white, so this didn’t seem like such a mess….but now all I can think about is the grooms cake (the bleeding armadillo) in the movie “Steel Magnolias”

Gray walls and a red dresser…

what was I thinking?

The only saving grace on this dresser is the Pottery Barn glass knobs!

Guess you’ve figured out that I will be repainting this poor mistreated dresser.

about 5 coats oughta do it, don’t ya think?

I’m sure ya’ll have nothing this hideous in your home…

or at least you have enough sense not to blab about it on your blog.

But if you do…

please share 🙂

I would love to hear about it!

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