31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 31 “Change Is Good”

Today’s Before & After is pretty obvious…

I got a make over.

Well my blog did.

It was time for a change and many more are coming but in small steps.

Below is what my banner looked like for quite awhile,

bye, bye old

Hello new!

But the biggest and best before & after is me.

Before this challenge my commitment to my blog was weak,

I struggled with certain issues and had not really found a groove.


I can finally say that I committed to something and finished it

with the help of Mr. Rusty and my kids, many half finished projects are now complete and many more are getting done.

I no longer struggle with what to write about.  I am bursting at the seams with topics, designs and ideas.

I’ve met some amazing blogger friends and learned so much from them.

I loved this journey, I loved sharing it with you and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and write about something different 🙂

Thank you for following along with me, encouraging me with your comments and emails.  I’ve enjoyed reading every one of them and tried to answer most of them.

If I missed you…just give me another chance, I liked communicating with all of you and plan on doing more of it.

I’ve added a “Before & After” tab in the menu bar for quick access to any of the “31 Days” posts and…

as of now, this Before & After is complete!

Tomorrow is November…can I start playing Christmas music now?


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See ya tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 31 “Change Is Good”

  1. Love it!

    I think you did a wonderful job with the challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading yours daily.
    I don’t have the stamina to keep it up for 31 days…well, I say I don’t– but hey!
    I read a blog every day for 31 straight days, does that count? Maybe next time there is a 31 days of blogging…that would be my theme.
    Reading blogs 31 straight days in a row! ha! …there is a 31 day challenge in all of us isn’t there?

    I’m inspired by your new header! I need to change mine. I love that door knob place holder. I’m thinking of making some of these for my daughters and daughter in love with the kiddos pictures in them for Christmas.

    have a great rest of the week! Pat

  2. Hi Cindi,
    Loved all your makeovers. I’ve done little items, but haven’t tackled funiture yet!!! Maybe someday. You inspire me and make me think what it could be like instead of what it is. Love your outdoor decorations. Sooooooo creative!!!! No tree up here. No music played till after Thanksgiving…I live with a Scrooge!!!!! When the kids left, we don’t put a big tree up. We were when Monica came along, but that went by the wayside and Monica decorates a 3 ft. artifical tree. I have a 4ft. artifical tree on my counter in the corner here in my craft room loaded with snowmen. In fact, last year I left it up a few weeks into Jan. Just love the light glow from a tree. But then, being really busy, I probably didn’t get it up till a week before Christmas!!!!
    Can’t wait to see what else you will be doing.


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