31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 30 “Holiday Decorating with Natural Elements”

Nature not only provides beauty for us to enjoy when we are outside, but it also provides things for us to bring into our homes and use for decorating.
I’m gearing up for Christmas…already.
I want to get me tree up as soon as possible, this allows for what I call progressive decorating. Meaning…get the tree up and the basics, like the lights, the ribbon, the topper and the skirt. Since my tree is artificial I can do this as early as I want. Next weekend?…just maybe.

I love leaves, I live in Texas, Our leaves are still green 😦

so I snatched one off of the oak tree

traced it onto paper, cut it out, attached twine and hung it up just to see what it might look like on my Christmas tree this year.  I have the theme swishing around in my head so I’m testing some things out.

It might even get a spritz of glitz…we will see.

I know you can see the cute little pine cone back there….

I’ve always placed pine cones in my Christmas tree but this year I think I’ll hang them like and ornament

maybe these will get some type of embellishment…

and maybe not. I really fond of their natural state and I adore the texture.

It’s a little ironic that  these grow in pine trees, fall off and then end up hanging from a Christmas tree.

Same with these little cuties

why go buy ornaments when all you have to do is go for a walk in the woods.

Great family fun too.

twig stars are easy to make and would look great with a spritz of silver

using more of the tree limbs from the tree we took down, I drill a hole at the top and paired it with a tin top from the icing cup found in Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  Great excuse to go buy some this week!

I crimped the edges of the tin to make it look like it was ruffled or fluted.  Now it’s ready as is or it can be a blank canvas for some wording or other designs.

Grapevine is another wonderful element to add to your Holiday Decorating this year.

Now some not so natural but great items that you might have just laying around the house…


Just about everyone has some buttons lying around somewhere.  If not then remove them from clothing next time you clean out your closet.  Especially if the clothing is not in good enough condition to donate.

You could use a button as an additional layer on the wood and tin ornament above

I did this with some magnets that I recently made up for my Etsy shop.

or you can string a few buttons together and make a really cute little ornament.

easy and fun.

So how about it…

have I put you in the mood to get your holiday decorations down from the attic?

I know…it’s not even November yet!

but it will be in a little over 24 hours.

and Christmas…

55 days and counting!


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See ya tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 30 “Holiday Decorating with Natural Elements”

  1. Oh my goodness… so many great ideas. Beautiful and fantastic! I have always love pine cones. Love your magnets! I think ‘shopping’ nature is always a good plan. Thanks so much for sharing all these beauties! 🙂

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