31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 27 “Coffee Table”

My coffee table is “really” a coffee table
a conversation piece

There is not another one like it. My friend Trent made it. He and his wife had it in their home for a time and the put it in their garage sale, I’ve had it ever since. I will never get rid of it. It will always have a place in my home and my heart. Every time look at it, I think of Trent & Trixy. They were our neighbors for many years and they moved away from me 😦 I can’t say that I blame them. They have room to roam on their huge lot and a lovely garden and goats. They’re so cute. I’m just a little jealous…teeny bit.

It’s not fancy but that’s okay because neither am I.  I has storage underneath, which is great because I have a lot of magazines.  The space underneath holds three baskets like you see here.  I found those a Michael’s years ago for a $1 each.  Score!

I am aware that this table in NOT kid friendly.  The babies love it, but there is continuous observation with young children around and I’m not adverse to putting it away when the babies are over.  Now, the momma’s probably aren’t too keen about their little ones playing with the door knobs on the glass top, I’ve noticed that the bowl is usually moved when little hands are near.  I really don’t put much away when the grand kids visit, they are very good about not touching things they are ask not too.  And if by chance something does get broke, it’s only stuff.  Not a big deal.  If it’s valuable then I put it  up and away from all hands, even mine.  As for finger prints, I love them.  Sometimes I leave there just to look at the little hands.  Weird I know.

Today I thought it would be fun to make this table something different…

a bit more functional,

family friendly.

Since our family loves to play games…

I just lifted the glass and slipped a couple of game boards underneath

can I just take a moment to whine?

You might have noticed that my den is painted in a very dark color

yeah, dark walls on a cloudy rainy day, no light except for lamps, overheads and a really bright halogen lamp and my photos are really cruddy.

So forgive me.

But the blog must go on.

Since we don’t have little ones living in the house anymore we can leave this out and play a game whenever

I have Clue and Parcheesi under glass and Mancala  sitting in the middle onto for obvious reasons 🙂

 Rudy did come over and stick his big nose in the game pieces but he was quickly scolded and left the room,

we will probably have to put the pieces up when we’re gone so jaws won’t eat them.

Now we can play a game, sit our drinks or plates of food on the table without the risk of spilling something on the boards and…

it just adds a touch of fun to the room.

Let the games begin!

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