31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 26 “Logging”

I bet Paul Bunyan never had this much fun in his logging days.

So what if he had a blue ox named Babe, I have Rudy, Rover and Mr. Rust.

Mr. Rust and I have been having some discussions about my impatience with him, I’m totally going to blame this on my state of sadness over the loss of one of our trees.

Miss Autumn, the first Bradford Pear tree in a line of five down our driveway is now gone. Well she’s now a stump. This of course is a source of fun for our grandson’s as they love to step up on it and jump off, or in Joshua’s (22 mos.) case, tumble off. He thought it was fun, grandma…not so much.

We made good use of Miss Autumn’s leftovers (sounded better than remains) in an effort to keep memories of the tree in our home.  Silly I know, but you’d be surprised at what you can make out of a tree.  Other than logs of course.

But today I took these three lovelies…

and made something fun and practical

one measures 11″ another about 9″ and then the smallest in about 4″

circle marks the spot


I took them to the garage and worked some magic…

we’ll come back to that in a sec

because now I went inside to stage the area for the “after” photos.

I pulled out my HUGE Johnson Bros. turkey platter, it’s title “His Majesty”

this is a huge platter and heavy too!

My mom gave this to me one year as a gift and I’ve priced these in the antique shops when I’ve run across one,

woooey!  these are worth a pretty penny. this comes out only at Thanksgiving  the rest of the year it’s under lock and key resting on feathers and velvet…I’m joking of course, but it is well protected.

moving on…

I dug up my little gobblers

they’re so cute. I love these little guys.

then I grabbed my white mini pumpkins, wood chips, a bundle of cinnamon sticks, a tin heart and a couple of lovely glass candlesticks in a rich plumb color…these were given to me by my grandma, they are very special to me.

Oh and my burlap table runner…

I guess you’ve figured out that I am working on the Thanksgiving vignette for my table centerpiece,

but you have to see this.

Those logs?

are now…

log candles.

drilling the holes was not fun…and the holes are not perfect, but I didn’t need perfect.  I just need an opening just large enough to sink the tea light down into the log.  Let’s just say I learned how to be very creative with the drill.

this is funny…if you get at the right angle it look as if the logs are the candle…

this was taken before I started fluffing the platter,

but I thought it was neat how the logs were lit.

the next pic will be as close as I can get to a night shot…

I turned of the lights and used the natural lighting to try and get the glow.

All this was stuff I had tucked away in various places in my home

so the cost for this vignette was $0

that’s my favorite way to decorate!

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See ya tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 26 “Logging”

  1. I totally love those candles in the sawn off branches. They look WONDERFUL! OK, but I’ve got another unrelated question. How do you cut metal? I see your metal heart and I’ve seen where you cut a state of TX from an old license plate. What do you use for your cutting tool? I’m so low tech. I use scissors for almost everything and this makes me stop and wonder!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Ok…here’s the scoop on cutting metal, but first…I have to confess that I didn’t cut the hearts, I order them for a friend off of etsy, I can send you the link if ya want and I didn’t cut that license plate, that was from another Texas artist. Which by the way I went to buy that little cutie and it was sold, dang it! any way, I have and do cut metal and I use metal cutting shears or tin snips as the are commonly referred to. They cut through sheet metal like it was butter. You can pick them up at Home Depot or Lowes. And you should always wear gloves and safety glasses…yada, yada, yada.

  2. I love the rustic and timeless simplicity of your log candle holders and the whole ensemble! I would love it if you shared these at my “Abundant Thanks” linky party at http://igottacreate.blogspot.com. And I’ll try not to drool over them too much since they would go great in my home 😉

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