31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 25 “A Funky Fox Hunt in Texas”

I’m not sure if we hunt fox in Texas…or is it foxes?

Is fox like moose, it’s single and plural?
How did I get down that rabbit hole?

Back on track.


Vintage fabric found in an antique store in Ingram,Texas, just Northwest of Kerrville. That’s in the Hill Country. I planned to make pillows with it, still do…

but there was enough for another little project too.

There is always something interesting about everything if examined long enough.

I found the selvedge on this material to be quite interesting.  That’s were you can find the color strip with all the colors in the pattern, you know so you can match and co-ordinate other fabrics with the piece you have.  Then there is some writing, this tells me the this design was from Stroheim & Romann Inc. and that the name of the design is “Where’s the Fox?” and it’s copyright.

Good to know.

Remember this…we’ll be back to this in a minute.

Next subject…

Overalls.  I love them. yes there dorky and frumpy, but there roomy, good for putzing around in the garden, or painting, even going junkin.  They’re just fun to wear. I have several pairs, or I did.

I still have these…

and I love denim…the color, the texture and the rustic look of the fabric.

I suppose that may be why I’ve always wanted to live on a farm.  I would have an excuse to wear them everyday.

These two items are kind of counter cultural don’t ya think?

One is English countryside, the other is Western countryside

what if they came together to make a fashion statement?


a fashion faux paus!

I’ll warn you now that I have a quirky sense of fashion.  I’ve never been one to conform to fashion, I don’t even like fashion.  I like to wear what I like and that’s it.  It doesn’t matter to me if people think I’m strange or weird.  If I like it, I will wear it.  And I prefer that my clothing cover at least 85% of my body.  Even my shorts are getting longer 🙂 and vintage bathing suits are looking better everyday.  Maybe it’s my age.

Even though I love to wear skirts, I’ve always been a blue jean babe.  I love my blue jeans (denim) and I love funky fabric.

So you wanna know what happens when you give a girl like me a venue to express herself, a challenge with a deadline, some vintage fabric, an old pair of overalls and no desire to paint right now?

you get me standing in the wind with the sun squints in my new fox hunting attire…that is if you live in Texas.

I know it’s frumpy…but it’s comfy

and it’s doesn’t make me look fluffy because I am fluffy

oh…and the selvage on the material, remember that?

I let it show!

and I didn’t hem it!


no…it’s FUN!

and it’s okay that it’s not what everyone would wear

it’s okay that it’s quirky

Sometimes you just have be you.

Now Riley (DD) was telling me to get rid of the tights

no…I like them.

and besides I wore the black shirt and tights to show the dress and to reduce my shape 🙂

Riley didn’t like my shoes either.

what does she have against my mary janes?  I like them.

you know if I get a knock at the door and it’s those people from that show “What Not To Wear”…I’ll know it was Riley.

She would do that.

and what does every fox hunt need?

a hound!

here’s mine…

he loves me…

just the way I am!

I am off to make pillows out of the rest of my vintage material.

Wow, if I wear my dress while sitting on my couch with my pillows then I’ll blend in.


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See ya tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 25 “A Funky Fox Hunt in Texas”

  1. Hey!
    I love it and it certainly doesn’t look frumpy to me!
    …as for the shoes… I just bought some similar this weekend at The Tanger Outlet Mall in Terrell!
    Yee-haw…I think it’s cute!


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