31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 24 “The Verdict; Guilty of Chair Abuse”

I love chairs.
Not one particular style, any one can catch my eye & make my heart go pitter-pat.
I’ve told you this before, even admitted that it might be a bit of an obsession.
*sigh* there are worse things I suppose.
One of the most used chairs in my home was in need of some TLC…

It’s my vintage jury chair that I picked up at the Canton Flea Market a few years ago.

$10 and it was mine.

Just look at it…this has to be a crime

to let something with this much style just stay like this and be abused by me.

It screams “tired”

Poor thing

it’s sturdy, rugged and dependable

It goes where wimpy chairs dare not go and only step ladders should go

under me 🙂

I scoot it here and there, stand up, crawl off, sit, slouch and I’ve even painted with it under me

uncovered!!!  that is pretty evident.


It has character cracks and nice shine from lots of behinds sitting on it, where as the rest of the chair is scratched, banged up, and so dry the grain is textured, if that makes any sense at all.

this chair is great for the booster seat that strap it, because of it’s wide flat seat and the arms provide a safe boundary, so that means it has held many of my grand babies and will hold many more.

I love this chair….but it’s time to bring some life back into it.

Give a new patina, a new do…I’m gonna love on it a little

Nothing extravagant…

just some subtle changes

first a little foundation

Beginning with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite

the wood was so dry you could hear the paint soaking in,

I think it was slurping!

I left the cracks in the chair on purpose, I could have filled them in but it really wasn’t necessary

can you see in the arm?  the wood grain separating

loads of texture on this chair

the dry chalky paint makes my mouth dry

and it’s too…plain, too together, too bland

like a new pair of blue jeans…stiff and too dark

it needs the definition and character put back in it

I gave it a once over with some sand paper

now it looks broken in…kind of like denim

 time for some conditioning

I applied a coat of dark wax

okay…you know how good it feels to put on chap stick when your lips are so dry

or lotion on your hands when their chapped

so soothing…like your skin is drinking in the moisture…

this poor old, dried out chair was loving this wax

and so was I…

at first I was concerned, I thought it was going to be too dark

that the graphite color wouldn’t come through

I was wrong…

it looks lovely.

it doesn’t look tired anymore

it’s rich and handsome

I suppose I’ll have to learn how to go grab my step ladder next time I need to reach something

can’t risk getting this little guy all splattered up again.

oh gosh…

it just makes my kitchen cabinets look all that much worse

oh darn!

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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 24 “The Verdict; Guilty of Chair Abuse”

  1. I love your chair’s new finish! Particularly the darker color and your distressing makes it look like the most comfortable seat in the house. I don’t have much experience with paint distressing and it makes me nervous. But I’ve read the ASCP products behave well with sandpaper. Really nice job Cindi!

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