31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 22 “The Switch Up”

This before and after began as one idea and morphed into another while in the middle of creating…this happens from time to time, sometimes you just have to surrender to those funny little detours, these typically make the journey much more fun and the end result is usually better than the original idea.

I think this is the case with this one…

I fell in love with the direction this went and I’m so excited to share it with you.

I took a lot of photos so you might understand where my direction was going and when it changed.

this was supposed to be a post about using random flea market dishes (I have a lot of them) an old clay pot and making a chalkboard flower pot.   The clay pot received a couple coats of paint and then it was hot glued to the vintage saucer I had picked up at a flea market for a $1 about 4 years ago.  I love the off white and black contrast and the hearts, or what I assumed to be hearts.  It even has a small chip on the underside of the rim, but I didn’t care, I loved and it came home with me.

I was ready to fill with dirt and plant some basil for my kitchen when I remembered I had basil growing in the backyard.  Hum, wondered what that looks like after the long hot dry summer.

well it didn’t die and it was quite over grown so I clipped it back and brought it in.  I wish you could have smelled my kitchen…oh my yum!  I was the most wonderful fresh herbal scent.

I just couldn’t let it go to waste, so…

I think I’ll dry it.

It was banded together and wrapped it up with jute…but no where to hang it.


wonder what this is doing out here?

if  I could just find a stick for this in the garage…

Hubby said we didn’t have one,

but he was cutting down some trees and clearing brush, there’s a pretty big pile

maybe I can find something in there!

that will do.

now I need my glue gun heated up again,

i think this  just might work.

the paint is finally dry and the saucer is stuck tight to the pot

it’s pretty cute…

i like it!

but there is more

my bunch of basil remember

I snipped some Rosemary from my neighbor and bunched it up too


hung it up to dry with my basil

on my new…

drying rake

which is now…

in my chalkboard clay pot!

I feel like I live in one of those “If you give a mouse a cookie” books

except my story would be…

“If you give a mom a paint brush”

Did you see where and when my design took the detour?

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See ya tomorrow!

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