31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 20 “Layer & Texture and Out the Door”

It was 5:00pm and I had nothing ready for tonight’s before and after. I had to leave my house at 6:00pm and drive 1 hour to see my son kick the football a total of 4 times. Drive home while listening to the Ranger game on the radio…you know that takes talent to drive and help your baseball team come from behind to win game 2 of the World Series, now the series is tied 1 – 1.

No problem, I’ve got one hour to throw something together….thinking, thinking! (snap)

Oh! got it.

Remember the garage sales I told you about…ya know, how I never find anything…blah, blah, blah.

Well, if you recall I said that I did find some things that would be useful for a day just like today!

Exhibit A: Before

Gold oval frames with cherubs pasted on blue matting and cracked plexiglass. Not my style, but what the heck they were cheap, cheap, cheap. So I bought them .

It was the detail of the frames that caught my eye.

I’m not typically found of gold, antiqued gold or gold foil, however I could be swayed…

but not today.

Bet you’ll never in a million years,  guess what I grabbed as I ran around my house like a mad woman with a deadline.

My ASCP of course…because it’s very accessible and it’s what I needed to use really fast.

It dries very quickly.

Next I grabbed a sheet of foam board,

sharp knife,


puzzle pieces,

glue gun,

tin hearts…

and that’s all, I think.

Oh and brushes and wax.

Okay, let’s get down to business…

I only had 45 minutes to throw this all together and take photos before running out the door.

Exhibit B: After

Piled up puzzle pieces in a heart shape, on painted foam board

frame is painted graphite, dry brushed with old white, sanded deep to bring out…gold!  I know.  I surprise myself.  Actually didn’t want to do that, but hey…tic-toc, tic-toc, sometimes ya just gotta shrug your shoulders and let it fly the way it is and hope for the best.  Oh and gave it a coat of dark wax.

The foam board is painted in old white and then I stippled ( love that word ) graphite that was left on the brush.

Next I added a heart shaped glue puddle and begin sticking on puzzle pieces until I was happy with the result.

Oh man, look at the time….

Okay, next…

Burlap heart with paint slap and tin hearts layered on top.

Frame is painted in graphite with a dry brush of old white and then sanded lightly, no gold here!

a coat of dark wax really deepens the tone…love it.

Foam board painted in old white and dappled with the wax brush after I waxed the frame.

added the burlap heart by sticking it to the wet paint then slapped some old white over it in spots

added the tin hearts with glue gun.

Hang on wall, take pictures….

out the door

see ya later


I got to the game before it began and didn’t get lost!

Jake’s team lost

I was shivering in the stands (I’m not complaining) and had to go to the bathroom the whole time

got home in time to see the last three outs and the Rangers won the game!

finally went to the bathroom

fixed dinner at 10:30

and just finished this post by the hair of the hog!

So… can you guess which one if my fave?

Which one is your fave?

Or…is your vote that I put more time and planning into my projects?

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See ya tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 20 “Layer & Texture and Out the Door”

  1. Gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so rushed while reading one post,girl!
    You got it all done…YAY!

    Sorry about the team loss…(your son’s)
    Go Rangers!
    You like the burlap and rust.
    I like the puzzle heart…only because it makes a statement to me. Christ takes the pieces we offer and mends our heart…doesn’t He?
    Truth be told… the burlap and rust makes more of a statement about my life…I just don’t know what that is yet~

    have a good, one… love your series…Pat

  2. I like the burlap/tin hearts one. And what is ASCP???? Cause I love how that frame turned out!!!! Love all your makeovers. I’m trying to look at things in a different light and picture how it could be done over!!!! It’s taking time. You are teaching me!!!1

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