31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 15: “Mini Envelope Tutorial”

I still do somethings the old fashion way. I just like keeping my hands busy. If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you already know that I tend to save a lot of junk. I seem to think that I might need it for a craft project someday.   I usually find something to do with all of my stuff and when I do…I smile and feel warm and fuzzy.

I bought this calendar in 2008 with the intent of using the pages for something because I just love  coffee cups and coffee and anything to do with coffee.

These had an added bonus of having little scripture verses on the pages too.

I used it for a year as for it’s intended purpose and then I saved it for a rainy day project.

I also loved the calendar grid on the back of the pages.

It makes a nice contrast for the project I choose for these pages.

I used the pages to make some mini envelopes to use for gift cards and then I started sending them as little free gifts with my orders.  Everyone loves a little freebie with their order and these cost me nothing.  It’s a win, win for all.

I love the way they turned out and have yet to part with them, but I’m considering it.

I took great care in cutting them out so I could capture the scripture address for easy reference for anyone who got a gift card with their gift.

I even used the front and back covers to make the little insert cards.  They turned out really cute.

So would you like to see how I made these?

I’ll share.

Grab a sheet of 1/4″ graph paper (4 squares per inch) if you don’t have any laying around the house, go to this site and print out a sheet from your computer.  You want to choose the Cartesian Graph Paper style, 8.5″ x 11 paper size, units will be inches and graph paper is 1/4″ grid.

This is a rough draft and probably not to spec, but you can make it whatever size you wish.  This template below will make a cute little 1.5″ x 1.5″ (approx.) mini envelope.

After I draw this and cut it out I typically trace the shape onto a thicker piece of paper or thin cardboard for my template.  It seems to be easier to work with.

Next I grab my magazines, book, sheet music, calendar or what ever strikes my fancy.  Select the page and lay it on a flat surface.  Place my template where it looks best and trace around the edges the cut out.

Now those of you who own a Cricut…you can stop laughing now.  Of course you can create your own template on your Cricut if you have one and then have the machine cut the shape out for you.  But I don’t have one and I still do it the old fashion way.  🙂

This is an easy and fun project.  I plan on teaching my 9 year old grand daughter how to make these.

For my demo below I’ve use a page from a magazine.

box 1: the finished envelope back view

box 2: step #1, place the template where you wish to see a pretty image on the front when done.  cut out and turn over.

box 3: step #2, fold flaps in so that you have an even edge on each side

box 4: step #3, fold up the bottom flap. begin your crease where the bottom of the side flaps end.  this should give you a nice squared look.  when gluing the bottom flap to the side flaps, only run the glue stick as high as the top edge of the bottom flap. don’t run the glue the whole length of the side flap.

box 5: step #4, cut insert card to fit inside envelope and slide into the envelope.

box 6: step #5, carefully fold the top flap down beginning your fold at the top edge of the side flaps.

box 7: step #6, crease your fold and your done.

box 8: the finished envelope front view

I think my favorite part of this craft is planning how the design on the front of the envelope will look and getting the placement of the template just right.

Have fun!

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