31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 12 ” A Vintage Feeder Finding It’s Place “

I found this wonderful feeder awhile back and I attempted to use it outside for a bird feeder,

but when it’s outside I can’t see it all of the time.

So I brought it in and stuck it in the dishwasher to clean it up.

I love the galvanized tray and the jar has great clarity,

no scratches.  no etching.

It’s grand!  but empty…

and this table looks a wee bit bare

time to play “dress the table”, one of my favorite pastimes

this is my “before” (wink)

I needed something to fill the jar

something to add color

and texture

since I don’t have birds in the house,

bird seed seemed a bit out of place

My first thought was to add candy corn

believe it or not, I couldn’t find any and I really don’t need that sugar sitting there tempting me to eat just one, or twenty.

then I thought pistachios would be perfect

and they are!


last Sunday I picked up some velvet pumpkins

every girl needs a velvet pumpkin…or two

they never rot, wrinkle up or mold

and they’ll work perfect for this vignette

this is my “after” (wink,wink)

I added a vintage Fire King teacup filled with yummy pumpkin candy and trail mix

my favorite little iron owl trivet that I paid $1 for at a flea market

he says “BOO” this time of year instead of “WOO”

he’s my favorite addition to my fall decor this year!

It’s beginning to look like fall around here,

now if the weather would just feel like it!

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