31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 11 “A Picture Window”

Before I begin today’s “before and after” post I wanted to thank those who have sent emails, left comments here and on the facebook page. I won’t lie to you, it is gratifying to know that someone is interested in what you have to say.

A few, including my wonderful supportive husband, have asked why I did this challenge.   I had told myself  that I wasn’t going to participate.  Instead I would encourage the participants of the 31 days of change challenge by surfing through several a day and leaving comments.  And then before you know it, I had jumped in with both feet.  I’m not sure why.  It’s a possibility that I saw this as an opportunity to complete some projects that had been started, but not finished.  Maybe I figured this would be the push I needed to begin and complete some ideas that have been discussed over many cups of coffee with my mister.   Many ideas that have been tossed around, written down, contemplated…but just never made it off the page.

I can’t say that this has been fun.  I am my worst critic and my photos have been lacking in quality.  I bought a new camera and for some reason, we are not compatible.  I miss my old Olympus and don’t know why I didn’t buy another one or at least bite the bullet and spend the money to buy my dream camera, a DSLR.  But no.  I was conscience of my spending and bought another point and shoot and I’m about ready to point and throw it at the wall.

One more thing I want to say before I move into this project is that you might recognize this one.  I copied this idea from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  Are you shocked?  I just admitted openly that I copied another blogger.  In my defense I can tell you that Donna will be okay with this.  She’s like that.  Gracious and humble.

and…that’s what sharing your ideas and DIY projects are for, so others can learn from you and create their own design for their home.  I don’t deny that this is exactly like her window picture frame project.

Well not exactly, you see my vintage window was  a prop from my early days of Rustique Art.

I had my business name; “Rustique Art” and a graphic etched onto the glass about 5 or 6 years ago.  I’m actually shocked the glass hasn’t gotten broken in all of these years.  This window has been sitting and collecting dust for years.

When I saw Donna had used a vintage window to make her photo frame/holder I suddenly remembered my window stored somewhere in my home.   Just to give you a glimpse of how long I put things off…her post with this project in it, or the post I saw was dated one year ago tomorrow.   So I’m dedicating this blog post to Donna for all of her inspiration and her skill at making memorable designs.

This is one of those ideas that I bookmarked in my head and now with this challenge it is finally getting done.  Yay me!

Okay, found my window, it’s still in one piece.   Cleaned it up and gathered the materials to get this project checked off of my list.

The photos are fuzzy today…indoor shots and the sun decided to hide right when I got this project going.  But you can faintly see the graphic in the photo above.

I begin by flipping the window over and inserting a thumb tack to tie the jute onto.  Then I added several other tacks in random order all around the perimeter of the frame.  This is where my photo frame deviates from Donna’s, she wrapped her twine all the way around the frame where as I will be looping around each tack.

The photo below shows the graphic better and the places I put the tacks.

At this point I just stand the frame up and begin stringing the window, looping the twine around a tack and bringing it back across several times until I have a web off twine.  I then tie and cut the twine.

Now, here’s the real truth behind my eagerness to make the design.  Ever since I saw these mini clothes pins I’ve been looking for a reason to find and buy them.  Well last night my dream came true.  Had to take DS to Hobby Lobby for materials for his physics project and a stumbled onto to these, then I bought em.

Aren’t they adorable?  I think they are!  Too cute!  I can’t wait to find more reasons to use them.

I dug through my tons of photos to find some that I wanted to attach to this awesome photo frame.

I even ran across a sketch of an a apple that my DD did in art class a few years ago.  I love including my children’s art projects in my decor.

Now to find a place to put this so I can enjoy it everyday.


and  where I can get enough lighting to get a decent photo.

I ended up propping it against a wall behind a sofa in my office/media room.

I’m really not exactly sure what this room is, but it is where I spend about 6 hours a day at my desk doing my job.

So now when I what a little diversion from working I can just look to my right and see this wonderful vintage picture window.

I love it!  and I’m glad it’s done.

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See ya tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 11 “A Picture Window”

  1. I love this! You did a beautiful job, I can’t wait to find a big old window! I can even picture it done with rusty wire! Great job!

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