31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 8 “Curbside Rescue”

My mister did it again.

But this story has a little twist…This time the curbside rescue he brought home was quickly snatched up by my DD.

Indeed the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

So today’s post is all about her before & after of a curbside rescue.

A solid wood office chair is the rescue in this story, as you can see the arms were damaged, probably why it was on the curb.  Riley (DD) took one look at it and began making plans to make it hers.

This would include removing the arms, recovering the seat cushion and painting and here we go!

I’ll warn you now that Riley takes photos with her iPhone, no staging and no regard for my messy house.

Too bad the photos aren’t blurred enough to hide the mess 🙂

Riley found this material in my stash.

She’s had her eye on it for awhile and she thought this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

Double checking the fit and one last look before changing the color of the wood.

Any guesses as to what color she goes with?

I think it turned out really classy

and sassy!

wow!  what a difference.

I’d say she’s on her way to becoming a dumpster diving, curbside shopping, before & after diva!

Here’s the kicker…

I looked up office chairs on line and found this same chair at a Staples and it sells for over $200!

Riley’s cost:

chair: $0.00

material $0.00

paint ( already had on hand) $0.00

Now we’re looking for a small desk to redo to go with her chair.

No worries sweet girl…Daddy’s keeping his eye’s open for another rescue.

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See ya tomorrow!

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