31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 4 “the Lamp”

I remember when I found this lamp on a 50% off table about a zillion years ago. Meaning I can’t remember when it hasn’t been around the house. Often times I would unearth in from a closet where I had put it when I had grown tired of it or just couldn’t find a place for it. It would be reinstated into the decor on a bookshelf or be nested into a corner to cast warm glow. But there was a reason why it was half price, to be honest it was just plain and really…fake plastic crystals? blaagh! A plain ivory shade that is now showing small brittle cracks from years of heat from light bulbs. And the antique gold finish was just kinda drab.

It was time for a make over. I removed the shade and gave it a new do, removed the faux crystal dangles and gave the antique gold base a shot of Rust-Oleum Hammered Silver spray paint. I also removed the discolored plastic tube around the socket and painted that in a flat black.

I found some funky fuzzy yarn I had bought years ago with aspirations of crocheting a warm scarf for myself…yeah that didn’t happen.

It had been stuffed in a drawer in my workroom and realized I now had the perfect place to use it. A little hot glue and patience and I had a cute little fuzzy shade that kind of reminds me of a hat 🙂 which is perfect because a lamp shade is sort of like a hat for a lamp, right?
I thought it needed a little bling so I added a faux pearl and rhinestone broach that I had bought for a cross. It can stay here until I need it somewhere else.

Now it’s a little funkier and a little more hip. I think if it could walk it would have a swagger even with the cheap plastic dangles! and “it” would be a “she”!

I think she needs a name!   What would it be?

I realize she’s not cut out for everyone’s taste and she won’t fit in with every decor, but she fits in here in my house.

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See ya tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 4 “the Lamp”

  1. Well, if you were to add a tag and let it dangle…she could be called Minnie Pearl.

    Heck! Call her Minnie Pearl anyway! Cute.

    I worked on a lamp shade today too. Just a little change up. Haven’t posted it yet, hopefully later.

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