31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 3 Sew Easy Projects from Fabric Swatches

I’ve shared with you in previous posts about my hoarding issues and I justify my need to keep things by actually doing something creative from time to time. When a friend of mine was cleaning out a closet she tossed about three fabric sample books out in the throw away box, she was more than happy that I wanted to take them off of her hands. I won’t lie to you, they have sat in my house gathering dust for years, but I’ve finally come around to finding some uses for all of these wonderful fabric samples.

Just look at all these pretty swatches. I love to sit with them in my lap, mixing and matching. Sew fun!

I made this pillow for my amazing daughter. The cross was made by sewing random shapes and pieces together then cutting out the cross patterned that was sewn onto a denim fabric that I had left over from a couch redo several years ago.

She loved it. I was so excited to give it to her.

I love giving handmade gifts. Don’t you?

Now I’m making these fun patchwork hearts.

I think they will look great on our Christmas tree this year.

Or they may just find their way into many vignettes this holiday season.

humm…maybe  they would  make a great give a way offering too!

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See ya tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 3 Sew Easy Projects from Fabric Swatches

  1. I love giving homemade gifts and getting them.
    However,… I sometimes feel that my gift recipient doesn’t feel the same!

    all your little sewing projects are great. Love the country hearts. But the cross is my favorite. I have a cross wall you know? I think I’m gonna have to break down and buy one of your crosses soon. I need a new one added to the collection!


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