{Pinteresting} seasonal projects & motivation to organize

Typically Spring is the time of year to purge and clean one’s home and garage, clean up the yard, weed flower beds, prune, mulch, spruce up and primp for outdoor gatherings and entertaining.  This is when you see a lot of yard sales, garage sales and it’s a great time to shop your local thrift stores as many will forgo the hassle of hosting a garage sale and go the route of  throwing  away and donating to charity.

But what about the other seasons?  We have officially moved into the season of Autumn.  I love this season, probably my favorite time of year.   I even named my oldest daughter after this lovely season.   If you are fortunate to live in an area of our country that is known for it’s fall colors then you are blessed.  We get fall colors here in North Texas but not like our northern neighbors.  Lately, I’ve seen fall decorations all over blog land and on Pinterest but I have yet to jump in with both feet because for me, to decorate for a season, I need to feel the season.  Not feeling it yet.  North winds are gradually moving in, but the temperature keeps bobbing up and down like a yoyo.   So I procrastinate one more weekend, because I’m just not motivated to decorate just yet.

I was however motivated to clean out and organize the other day.  I was overcome by this strange feeling.  Isn’t that weird how one morning you just wake up full of energy and think you can take on the world, but quickly feel overwhelmed when you look around and see all of the areas of your home that need your attention?   This happened to me last weekend.  I bounded out of bed, enjoyed coffee with hubby.  But, cleaning up after breakfast I opened a drawer and was confronted with this.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this drawer, but today the realization set in that this was just not going to work for me any longer.   I know this reaction had something to do with my obsessive pinning stints on Pinterest.

You do know that you can find a lot of great ideas there?  That’s how I justify my time spent browsing through the thousands of photos found on Pinterest.  Whoever thought of the idea of Pinterest should receive some type of award for their brilliant idea.  Okay, maybe not the  Nobel Peace Prize but maybe a statue for their mantle.

I had just seen, the day before I opened this drawer, a photo on Pinterest of a great way to use a muffin tin to organize your drawer.

Oh yes,  that does look awesome!  Don’t you just love those inky-dinky cloths pins up there.

I want some!  Anyone know where to find those?

Now tell me, how many old muffin tins have you thrown away in your life time?  hum…I’m thinking I will never through another one out.  No sir! It’s going to be used in a drawer.  Because you see, I’m only showing you “one” drawer,  I have 12 other drawers in my kitchen.  No!  not all of them look as bad as the one in my photo, but they could if I didn’t stay on top of the clutter.

I tell myself that “everyone” has a clutter drawer.  A place to put those items that don’t have a place to call home.  So they shack up here in my kitchen drawer until I can’t close it anymore and then the eviction notice gets served.

Now this is what I see this when I open the drawer.

Much better.  And would you believe that when I complete projects like this, I sleep better.  Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?

Here’s my theory on how to not be overwhelmed by the little projects that stay hidden in drawers and in closets….just complete one and then call it good and move on.  I didn’t tell you about the 1000 other little projects that are nagging at me.  But now there are only 999!  This coming weekend I will “maybe” take on another small organizing project, my bathroom closet.  😦

Unless, I get that urge to decorate for fall!

How do you tackle those little hidden projects that nag at you, but only when you see them?

How long can you live with a cluttered drawer, shelf, closet or space before you do something about it?

Do you Pinterest?  Are you addicted to it?  Do you find yourself sneaking off to the bathroom with your iPhone and the handy-dandy Pinterest app, just so you can get a quick fix?

If so…then you need not feel alone, you’re in good company!

Next time you’re there, look me up!  Or just click on the link below and get your fix now!

(warning, do not start dinner and then begin looking at Pinterest, this could result in burnt food)


4 thoughts on “{Pinteresting} seasonal projects & motivation to organize

  1. What is it about drawers!?!?! UGH…I have that problem…I organize and they’re a mess again. =( Your muffin tin looks amazing. What a great idea. I don’t really have tons of little things like that in a drawer, but I like the idea anyway.

    1. Well thank you but I can’t take credit for the muffin tin, that was a photo from Pinterest. Someone else had the great idea that I have not implemented yet as I have no muffin tins. not regular size anyway.

  2. great job! happy dance 🙂 love that idea of using a muffin pan. I use inexpensive plastic thingys too. But the bulky items like hammers and caulk and stud-finders plaugue me! I need to find some long skinny bread baskets (it’s what I use to corral my spatulas – perfecto) for the tool & hardware drawers. I adore those tiny clothespins too – craft store is your source. ~diane

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