the galvanized guinea pig

You didn’t actually think I had a galvanized guinea pig did you? *giggle* I could’ve, you just never know.

Nope the guinea pig in question is not one with fur and a cute little pink nose, this one is vintage and rusty. This door knob is my guinea pig today because I have a large “thing” that I want to galvanize and before I go paint this large thing, I want to try the technique on something less expensive and if I mess it up I won’t cry for days.

Logical. Practical. Sensible.

I dug deep into my vintage door knob stash and pulled this beauty out.

Nice…ya? You’re probably confused why I would want to cover up all this lovely tarnished piece of junk…it’s only to prove a point that is why. I know, its beauty is through my eyes and what I’m beholding probably isn’t lovely to you, but this is truly a sacrifice for me…(back of hand on forehead) if I must, let us proceed.

All drama aside, I want to galvanize a chandelier and I really don’t want to buy another if I mess it up, so here’s my test subject and exhibit A, the can of Silver Hammered Rust-Oleum spray paint.

I knew before I did this that it would not be the dull galvanized finish that I want. I will be experimenting further on this test subject. But as you can see, it covered nicely and if you look closely you can really see the hammered texture.

huh! I wouldn’t have believed it.

The can says that this paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, but get this…

it warns you not to use on galvanized metal…

hum, really?

Like I would spray paint galvanized anything? Hold on I have laugh!

Here’s the nice side by side comparison.

Not bad, but not the look I’m going for.

I want the chalky white haze over it, kinda dull, a spot of rust here and there would be wonderful, dontchathink?

See it’s definitely got that new look luster.  But I bethcha I can take care of that.

Stay tuned….this will be continued!


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One thought on “the galvanized guinea pig

  1. You might want to try round two the galvinzed effect you are looking for comes from dipping the metal in a hot bath of zinc . Zinc is what gives the dull appearance and as it “rusts” oxidizes causes the chalky appearance rustolium does make a cold galvanizing spray paint that you maybe able to get the look your going for by just galvanizing it yourself and because it comes as paint you can use different faux techniques

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