skirting an issue & justifying another

I’m a groupie, I’ll admit it. I follow, I browse and glean tons of info from the blogs I follow. I have one or two blogs I read everyday, don’t always comment but I read and take note of topics I want to come back to. That is why, for me anyway, that I often post links on my facebook page. Don’t get me wrong, I love to share things I find interesting with my fans, but for the most part it’s so I can come back and find the link back to a post real quick.

One blog and person I follow daily is Miss Mustard Seed. She moves mountains in her home and mine. I can say without a shadow of doubt that she moves mountains in thousands of homes. And from time to time she moves mountains in our businesses. She’s sweet, kind and confident and eager to share her extensive knowledge on painting, upholstering and sewing and her photography is nothing short of “wow”. See…I told you, I’m a groupie.

I’ve read MMS’s blog posts about upholstering with painter’s drop cloths for over a year now and each time I read about a project she’s done with drop cloths, I was glued to the computer and soaked up every last word. I just couldn’t fathom how she could cover a chair in a drop cloth, but she did and they always looked fabulous. She just has the touch. But after months of reading, going to Home Depot and picking up the packages of drop cloth, then sitting them back on the shelf, I finally tossed a package into the basket the other day like a women on a mission.

You see this time I had a reason to buy a drop cloth and painting had nothing to do with it. I was going to make something by golly…and make it I did.

The story goes like this…
We bought a mantle from a salvage warehouse and it is now my headboard. Now I need a new bed skirt, but it’s more than that…I really “need” a new bed skirt.  The old one was yucky, it was ugly, too short or didn’t fit right, it had to go…but I have to have a bed skirt!  It’s just a quirk I have.   This is where the drop cloth comes in…

I finally bought one, brought it home, tossed in the washer, dried it and set out to make my new bed skirt.

The one thing that surprised me was how soft the material was after I washed and dried it.  It was pretty close to yummy.  It was kind of wrinkled and frayed but in a good shabby way.  I was smitten.

We have a queen bed so I knew the dimensions and knew just how much material I would need.  This was helpful as drop cloths come in different sizes and weights.  Who knew?  I went with the 4 x 15 ft size because I knew that all I would have to do is fold the material in half length wise and make one long cut up the middle.  I then sewed the two pieces end to end which made one strip of material that now measured 2 x 30 ft.  I removed my old bed skirt and used the white material that goes between the mattress and box spring but just snipping the old skirt material away.  I then gathered the drop cloth along the edge where I cut the drop cloth in half.  Did I mention that the drop cloth is already hemmed on all sides, this means no hemming for me.

Once the gathering was done I pinned the drop cloth onto the white muslin from the previous bed skirt and stitched into place.   So…one cut, one seam and then one more continuous seam around all three sides.  Done!

Okay.  Yes I am aware that my bed skirt is dragging on the carpet.  That was the look I wanted.  For me this project turned out perfect.  The “issue” of the ugly store bought, too short and wonky bed skirt has been “skirted”

Did I fail to mention that I love the color too?  Oatmeal!  Love. Love. Love.  I love it so much I’m imagining my walls in my den that color.  My DD is probably doing the happy dance right about now.

Onto my next issue…

I think I’m a hoarder 😦  no joke.  I’m starting to worry.

Now watch me justify…

See the nice wrinkled cream color duvet in the top photo?

It’s really the underside of the duvet cover.  And this duvet cover is probably about 9 years old now.  Yep, It was my DD’s, she bought it from Pottery Barn about 9 years ago and when she was finished with it, she asked if I wanted it.  Well yes, because it was in perfect condition and why not, I needed a fresh look.   But after awhile I wanted another fresh look and put this one away for another day.  Yeah… it’s been a couch cover and blanket for guests and a tent for grand kids once or twice.  But lately it’s just been folded up in my closet.  By the looks of it, more like wadded.  But what the heck, it looks rumpled.

Okay now my DD is probably ROFL because I have a wrinkled comforter on my bed and I’m showing it to the world…it’s a long story but let’s just say I look like the biggest hypocrite right now.

moving on.

See there’s the right side.  I’ll tell you one thing, if you ever have issues about paying the Pottery Barn prices, let me just say you’ll get your moneys worth.  This duvet and the pillow shams have held up nicely.   So there you go…that’s how I justify my hoarding for now.  We will see how far that get’s me.

Lastly, you might be wondering why I would have a pillow on our bed with a huge number 10 on it.

No that is not the rating of my hubby, although he is my 10 for sure.

This awesome handmade pillow was my mother’s day gift this year from my oldest DD.  It was made by Lisa Pennington, she writes The Pennington Point and has her cute little shop on Etsy,  named Shop24.  The flower is from another friend, TC of Totally Crosses.

Can you see why this pillow takes up prime real estate on my bed?

Look closely…

Yes…those are the names of all ten of my grand babies. Lisa you are amazing! I love my pillow, I will cherish it forever. My DD knows me so well and it has absolutely nothing to do with the links I posted from Lisa’s shop to my DD’s facebook page *wink*

peace. love. rust!

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11 thoughts on “skirting an issue & justifying another

  1. I am so delighted to see the pillow on your bed! I was just reading along and enjoying your bedskirt and your duvet cover confession and then I saw it…the pillow I made for you.

    I love the mantle headboard…everything. Great job! Lisa~

  2. You’re so cute! Don’t catch that ruffle in the vacuum! You’ll be miffed. =)

    I love reading about your thrifty finds…thanks for sharing. =)

  3. You are the most creative person I know! I love all your ideas.

    Today I was looking at my google analytics. I really don’t understand any of it, but I saw a referring link from your blog to my website! So I followed it and sure enough, you had linked to me in this post about the little flower I made you. I was tickled to see how you used it. And it made me so happy today to see it.

    And I LOVE your bed skirt. If only I could sew. Your bedroom is beautiful and looks so comforting and cozy. Lol, and your dog is precious!

    Thank you for sharing. I’m just sorry I don’t have a blog so I could share this post. And I really don’t see that happening, since I can hardly compose a letter:) But I did share it on FB.

  4. I have seen those drop cloths at Home Depot and love the color, texture, and price so much that I was trying to think of something to make out of them. This is perfect and it looks fantastic. I like how it drapes onto the floor. Thanks.

  5. Hi Cindi, Your bedskirt turned out wonderful…love it! The mantle headboard is fabulous and I also adore the pillow Lisa made for you. Thank you so much for linking to the Open House party.

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