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There has been a lot of news about the wildfires in Texas.  Bastrop County was hit  hard by the fires and while that particular area was ravaged last week, it was reported that there were 11 other fires burning within our state at the same time.  Extreme drought conditions and winds have plagued the whole state of Texas.  Bastrop County’s wildfires took lives, left many homeless,  resources have been stretched if not used up completely.  Many are in need of the basic necessities.

Bri of Homspun Houston Handmade so a need and step up to the plate with her “Call to Action” last week.  She simply stated the facts and offered artists a chance to help others in need.  With this Bri has gathered many artists from Texas and surrounding states, I hear there is even an artist from Canada who has offered to help.   Bri graciously opened her blog as a platform to collectively display the participating artists and their shops.  These artists along with myself  are helping out through our art.

Today you can visit the Marketplace page on Bri’s blog and meet the participating artists and their shops.  Active links to each shop are available for easy access.  Each individual shop has set their own donation percentage.  Rustique Art will be donating 25% of all sales throughout the day Wednesday 9/14 and Thursday 9/15.   Friday morning I will be sending what has been collected over to Bri for her to give to the American Red Cross of Central Texas.

If you are not in the position to buy at this time you can still give back by simply spreading the word.  Please share this information with those you know by attaching links on your facebook profiles and pages, tweet about it, stumble it, blog about it or climb on top of your roof and shout it out 🙂  If you can visits the featured shops and share those links to.  It only takes a few minutes and it would be  most helpful.

peace. love. rust.




2 thoughts on “helping out…

  1. You are doing a wonderful thing Cindi. The one that was near us was the tri wildfire. We smelled smoke for days, but they have contained it 100% now. Last night the Bush Park caught fire, and 3 other wild fires are going on down here in the Houston area. I’m praying so much for rain. Keep safe Cindi!!

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