this little chair of mine

I have a chair issue

Some would call it a problem or a obsession…

but I don’t like those words

this issue is not out of control but it does flare up every once and awhile

I’m sure there are many of you who can empathize with me

Could you resist buying this if you saw it?

I love the texture that time has created

the patina of the brass tacks

Oh!  hum…did you want to see more of it?

I’m sort of reluctant to share

because then you’ll ask me where I got it

then I’ll have to reveal my source

I guess it won’t hurt, they don’t have anymore chairs like this

because I bought the last one 🙂

It really doesn’t matter that I have no place to put it

I wanted it

I brought it outside to get a good photograph of it

I might frame it

It looks great right there in front of my fence panel

but I really don’t want it outside

so it sits in a quiet corner of my house

this might be it’s only moment of glory

it’s only time to shine

this little chair of mine!

peace. love. rust.

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