he doesn’t bring me flowers…but that’s okay!

Does your hubby bring you surprises?

Flowers. Chocolate. Lingerie (blush)

Mine does on occasion…brings me surprises, not lingerie 🙂

For a man it can be hard to know what his woman wants

I mean we are complicated by design and our emotions sometimes get out of hand. But for the most part our job should be to tenderly educate our husbands so they know what little surprises will make us fall in love them all over again.

Now it’s a really smart man who knows his wife so well that he can spot something and know without a doubt his sweet woman will love it.

I have such a husband.

One day he came home with his truck loaded down with these…

I was smitten 🙂 I gushed, I jumped up and down, I even think there was a tiny squeal that escaped from my lips

You think I’m kidding don’t you?

I kid you not! With in minutes I had 20 projects thought up and ready to share with my man.

the first project was to make some boxes for a raised vegetable garden

after that project was completed, my projects waned a bit…I must have gotten busy with other projects, so they rested in our backyard for awhile, just waiting for my next wave of inspiration.

One day I was searching for the perfect place to take photos of my finished designs

and I spotted my lovely panels patiently waiting for their next moment of glory

a simple shift to the right lighting and one nail later, I was in business

I found the texture and hues of the weathered wood to be a perfect backdrop for my wall crosses

Then came our spring clean up day in the back yard

I had recently found an awesome wheelbarrow at the flea market and it was screaming for me to plant some flowers in it

my spot needed a bit of fluffing so…

I went to my inventory or wood panels and put this beauty to work as a backdrop and place to showcase a my rusty iron cross plant hanger that my sweet daughter gave me a few years back


my stock was quickly vanishing but I had one or two more panels eagerly waiting to be used

but life got crazy…

weekends were filled with yard work,

painting, floor projects, more painting and the monster of all weekend projects…

the french doors leading out to our back patio.

That was the best before and after project we’ve ever done…

here was the after.

this project is still my fave…

probably because it took the most out of me and hubby

we really learned how to work out some tough problems that came along during this weekend project

but we both came out stronger because of it 🙂

do you see to panel off to the left in this photo…

again just patiently waiting for me to brag on it’s reason for existence

The whole drive behind our redo projects this past spring was to spruce up our home for our daughter’s graduation party

sometimes sprucing up means hiding things that can’t or won’t be fixed right away

in this case it’s the whole in the vinyl siding that appeared like magic one day after my son loaded a stack of firewood on the patio.  He swears he doesn’t know how the wood hit the siding and knocked a hole in it…hummm.  Strange.

of course this was an eyesore of gargantuan proportions

it screamed at me every time I went outside


that just wouldn’t do.  time was running out.  what will I do?

bling! that’s the light bulb coming on in my head

the panels!

my panels!

so here it sits…hiding a hole in my vinyl siding

well it does more than that really

I store things behind it…you know like;

OFF mosquito spay, sunscreen, insecticidal soap for spritzing the aphids off my plants

it holds towels for my pool guests and for now it’s a great place to put my vintage license plates

actually… I can imagine many more junky treasures finding there way onto this panel of fencing

I think there is one more panel sitting behind my house, probably feeling lonely and blue

I wonder where what it’s function will be?

time will tell.  one thing is for sure…

my hubby sure knows how to rock my world!

6 thoughts on “he doesn’t bring me flowers…but that’s okay!

  1. Our hubby’s sound a lot alike! Mine brings me things like this too (and no lingerie either!)…very thoughtful and knows I might find the ‘good’ in something old. I love that you covered the hole in your siding with a panel! That’s something you and I have in common…we must be couples “twins”….I cover up imperfections all the time….instead of fixing them! haha Rock on woman!

  2. I’m a florist so I don’t get flowers ( nor do I get lingerie)! My man brings me cool stuff like yours! Love all the ways you have fixed your wood panels!

  3. I think this post is the sweetest!
    My man knows how to rock my world too—he isn’t able to do the things he likes, in order to rock my world right now; but just Him being here right now– is the best thing ever!
    This reminds me, I should probably tell him- “He still DOES it for me!”

    Sweet, sweet , sweet. Thanks for sharing it.

    PS… He used to bring me flowers, but not OBLIGATORY (valentines, anniversary,etc) NO… always on days that were unexpected! That made them even better!


  4. Your husband knows how to win your heart, and that is so sweet. I’m like you, I would rather have things that I can tinker with or looks good in the yard. I’m not one for chocolates, or the usual things. Even a night out together is what I love, and my hubby knows this. Just to go out and forget everything for a few hours and to relax. I love what you did with the wood panels and it looks great.

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