How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blogspot & WordPress Blogs

I’m probably the last blogger in the world to not have Google Analytics code on her blogs. I also exaggerate a lot. What is Google Analytics?   GA is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a blog or website [source Wikipidia].

It was a few weeks ago and I was having a nice chat with my daughter and son-in-law, both are awesome bloggers. My SIL writes a chiropractic marketing blog and creates marketing products for chiropractors. In fact I work for him, my job is product support for the his company. I work from home as his administrative assistant. I am blessed! My daughter is the author of the #1 cloth diaper blog “All About Cloth“. I do some light admin for her too. So when they ask me if I tracked my traffic via Google Analytics I answered no…and the room got really quiet. They then asked me why not? I said what all people say when they realize they’ve done something goofy;

I said “I don’t know”, I learned how to do that from my teenagers! They say that all the time. 🙂

Both my DD and SIL encouraged me to add GA to my blogs and so I did.  Now I wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner.  It was really simple and I only had to do a few Google searches, but I got it done!

I have to brag because about a week after I did all of my code pasting and got everything up and tracking, I was asked by a friend if I could help her put Google Analytics on her website; Mindy’s Itty Bitty Cakes.  Do you know how good it felt to say YES?  I love helping people!  It’s just fills me with joy.

So am I an expert at this now?  No.  but I believe if you’ve learn something and you can share it with others then I think you should.  So I’m going to share my little bit of knowledge about Google Analytics and how to install the code on blogspot, both the old style and the new and on a self hosted WordPress with Thesis.

Now, if I leave something out…tell me.

If this helped you get Google Analytics to your blog or site then share this tutorial with others.

Step #1

Go to

you’ll see this page.  if you have a Google email account you click the big blue Access Analytics  button and you will be directed to the page to sign in.  If not then click the “Sign Up Now” link.

Step #2

you should be on this page to sign in with your google username and password and you could also create your new account from this page too.

Step #3

once you sign in you will see this page below

located on the far right side in the dark gray bar you will click on the  +Add New Profile link

Step #4

on this page you will add the URL that you will be tracking if you are adding your website or blog for the first time then you  will check the spot for adding a new URL then add the URL you want to add the analytics code to. Click the finish or continue button.

Step #5

now you should be on the code page. copy the code in the box from <script type=”text/javascript”>  all the way down to </script>

Step #6

add the code to your site

for a Blogspot (old template) site/blog

go to blogspot dashboard, click Layout or it may say Design, click Edit HTML, scroll right to the bottom until you see



paste the code right before </body> and click Save Template.

Note it can up to 24 hours before data appears in your reports.

for the new Blogspot  (new template) site/blog

go to blogspot dashboard, click design, click page elements, select add a gadget, paste the code and save.

Move gadget so that it is the last widget on the page.

for a self hosted WordPress site/blog (Thesis)

Copy the code from your Google Analytics profile, go to your WP dashboard, click thesis options, find foot scrips,

paste code in there and save

go to bottom of GA code page and click save and finish
you will be sent back to the settings page
under the status column you might see a little clock or a green check mark that means your code was added properly.
if you see a little clock your status should turn to green check mark within 24 hours
GA can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay per click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. [source Wikipedia]
So I gotta ask ya…do you have Google Analytics or some other source that tracks your site traffic?
If not, I encourage you to do it whether you have a personal blog, a business blog or a website.
I hope this helped!

2 thoughts on “How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blogspot & WordPress Blogs

  1. You so rock for helping me!! Thank you again!

    Wanna hear a funny thing? I actually wanted it on Grateful for Grace blog and didn’t even think about how I should have it on my Itty Bitty Cakes site until I read it in this post. So… thanks again!

  2. hi again Cindi,
    I was intrigued by your post because I know about google analytics (from afar) but have not ever used it for any reason. I guess I don’t qualify since I do not have my own url. I’m starting to wonder what are the advantages of hosting my own wordpress blog, other than branding? But if I don’t really aspire to pursue any sort of business activity from my blog, does branding really matter that much? all these questions! You are so nice to offer the tutorial – thank you 🙂

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