rust. zinc. galvanized. oh my!

My mouth begins to water and I get this urge to run toward objects that are rusty (big shock!!!) galvanized or made of zinc. I’m quite fond of copper too. But lately, zinc…oh my, it just makes me swoon.

Especially if it’s dripping with some lovely powdery patina. Yum!

Goodness you’d think I was talking about chocolate.  If you’re not one that shares my obsession affinity for pieces of metal with gobs of brown flaky rust or the dull mottling silver then you are probably reaching for your mouse right about now so you can click away.

But don’t!  I beg you…I promise if you read on, you might fall in love with a lovely piece of patina metal. Okay, rusting is not really patina, I’ll give you that, but if I said you would fall in love with a piece of corroded metal that just sounds wrong. Especially for something so wonderful.

When you put the two together…that’s when I get light headed and feel my pulse quicken.

somebody slap me!

Do ya wonder if my house just looks like a scrap metal yard, that’s a nice term for junk yard 🙂

Nothing wrong with junk… right Donna?

It doesn’t. I swear it’s tasteful and looks divine.

Since it’s been so dang hot here in this wonderful state of Texas, I’ve not really looked forward to strolling through flea markets.  Strolling requires temperatures to be at 80 or below.

That’s not in the forecast anytime soon, so I did something better than get in my car and drive 90 minutes east to Canton last weekend.

Yep, I sat my fanny in the chair and staved off my metal addiction withdrawal jitters with a healthy dose of…

It was so fun.

I stayed quite cool, had my pot of coffee (I shared with the mister) and snacked on some whole wheat toast and fruit.

During my virtual 78 degree virtual tour I began to pick up items along the way.

Well you know, not really picking up things….it’s called pinning.

Would you be surprised to hear that there seemed to be a common theme?

delightful! oh to be wrapped in zinc 🙂 rhymes with mink!

dreamy zinc.y rust

divine! a bubble bath in a zinc tub…shut up!!!!

It was just plain zinc.0.licious!

Oh there was more, I lingered and drooled a long time on Pinterest that morning…I filled up one of my boards with all kinds of zinc-y images.  And then I jumped over to Etsy and continued my little virtual flea market crawl and put together this awesome zinc treasury!

and you wanna know the best part?

It didn’t cost a cent!

Nope, turns our virtual flea market strolling is free and fabulously fun!

What do you think about zinc? 

Are you into Pinterest yet?  It’s addicting, kinda like zinc and rust!

You should check it out! While you’re there, look me up and follow my adventures. 

You can find me here. Or search for Rustique Art

We can even swap pins!

oh! one more thing, did you know you can dull shiny galvanized metal by spraying a mixture of bleach and water on it?

spritz, wipe and there you have it…chalky galvanized goodness!

4 thoughts on “rust. zinc. galvanized. oh my!

  1. I like your style Cindi. There is nothing better than a rusty look of decor for the outside. It has a way of reminding me of the country. I don’t know why, but it does. Nobody better come along with spray paint to cover the rust. lol I know what you mean about it being hot here in Texas, and the strolling at flea markets. I’ve been wanting to go to the Trader’s Village here in Houston, but to dang hot. I do enough sweating here at home outside working in the gardens and watering. Have a great weekend!

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