maybe i went a little crazy

It’s just one of those things, ya know?
It started with my front door
and then my back door
I even painted the door going from my utility room to the garage…it looks divine.

That is if a door can be divine.

You know how it is…you’ve already got the brush full of paint,
and you really don’t want to pour left over paint back into the bucket, I mean that would be like pouring left over milk back into the carton *wink*

I’d had enough of that faded green paint on my mailbox…it was chalky (not in a good way) and the paint was chipping off in places (again, so not in a good way)

So I went to town on that ole thing and wouldn’t you know,

it looks brand new again!
Well except for the brass flap that needs to be polished up!

On my way back up to the house from the curb I noticed my address sign on the front of my house
It too was once a nice hunter green metal framing my ceramic number tiles,
but not anymore…so I slapped a little paint up there too!
Now…I would ask you if it looks better.
But that would’nt be fair because in my slap happy state of mind I forgot to take before photos
So you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

110% better!

Now there is just one door left, the garage door.

Right now it’s just an ugly old almond color, but I think a nice thick coat of chocolate brown would look awesome!

Like frosting on a cake! Yum.

Just in time for the fall season…
cooler weather…

To forget all about this dreadful heat wave we’re having,

Right after Labor Day…I’m going to begin gathering my fall decorations for my front porch.

By gosh!   It’s going to look like  fall around here!

Since my grass is already brown and my trees are loosing leaves,

I’m already half way there!


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