happy ending

I saw it when I walked into the antique/junk shop. Snatching it up quickly as if someone else would see it and grab it before I did. I was the only customer in the store at the time, but that didn’t matter, someone could’ve walked in. With it in my safely in my hands I saw the price, $8 bucks!

No way!

I’ll take it!

just so ya know I would’ve paid more,

because I was in love with this big aqua glass Atlas mason jar!

I turned to show Mr. Rustique my prize, grinning from ear to ear, I was radiant.

The shop proprietor wrapped it carefully in lots of newspaper and bagged it up in a plastic grocery bag. Who needs perfumed tissue and huge roomy vellum shopping bags. I was in vintage heaven, I even had a plan as to where I would display it in my home.

Once home it sat there for a few days before I could get it washed and shined.  There were several other vintage treasures to clean up from my last haul so I plugged up the sink and filled with warm sudsy water.

Got my big aqua mason jar all cleaned up and began to rinse, filled it with water to rinse the inside and it fell over in my sink….and it broke 😦

and so did my heart.

I think I cried.

I know I was sick.

I just couldn’t give it up…so I figured what did I have to loose?  I’ll glue it back together.

I bought four different types of glue.  I settled on the clear craft cement, it dried fast and clear. It wasn’t so easy, there was a lot of damage.  The whole top rim broke completely off and I think some pieces went down the drain.

You probably think I’m nuts.  But I just couldn’t give it up.

What would you have done?

I did get most of it put back together.  But it will never be the same, but until I run across another one just like it, I’m keeping it.   I mean just look at the rusty clamp…it’s delish!

Well to my eyes it is.

Right about the time that I completed my attempt to reconstruct a glass jar, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail.  One of my readers sent me some dried hydrangeas.  I had asked my facebook fans if they knew where I could find some dried hydrangeas because the ones in the stores just didn’t cut the muster in my book.   Well before I knew it, I was blessed with a shipment of dried hydrangeas.

And guess what I put them in?

Yup…my big not so perfect aqua mason jar.

To hide the scars and keep myself from getting cut on a sharp edge,

I cut a ribbon of burlap and tied it on.

See any cracks?

Nope only the lovely hydrangeas and the added texture of the burlap ribbon.

Perfectly rustic!

A very happy ending.

5 thoughts on “happy ending

  1. Oh no, what a poopy thing to happen! I can’t blame you for putting it back together, it does look like a great jar, hopefully you will find another one soon, in the mean time it looks wonderful as it is!

  2. Awe, that would’ve made me cry too! It looks like you did a great job putting it all back together! That in itself, as opposed to throwing it away, was a great thing!

  3. Oh Man Cindi that stinks! But you saved it, who would know it was broken?… Don’t tell a soul and you’re all good!
    xo Susan

  4. I would have done the same thing Cindi! Never give up! But it turned out just so awesome! Love those old jars and the dried Hydrangeas are perfect for one! I need to get me some…can’t grow Hydrangeas here 😦

  5. That sounds like my luck. lol Anyway, I would have tried just like you to glue back the pieces, and I would have been crying at the same time. What you have done with the jar has turned out as cute as a button. I love it!! The dried flowers look fantastic in it, and the burlap just added that something special to it. Wonder idea!!

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