beach combing

Tuesday the kids and I loaded the car and drove six hours south to Surf Side. We are now officially beach bums for one week. Yay! So what do you do for one whole week away from work, chores and 100 + temperatures? First things first, you take a picture on your iPhone and paste it on facebook…right?
This is our second year at this beach and although I never professed to love the surf and the sand, I was eager to get here, see my daughter, son in law and my grand kids…oh and meet my newest grand dog, he’s so cute.

While here I will soak up sun, read some books and of course collect some shells.  This is a collection of last years haul.  I’ve never been a huge sea shell collector or use them in my decor, but you have to admit they are lovely.  The subtle hues and the textures.  I’m kinda falling in love with them.  I am a freak about the texture, the more the better I say.

I’ve not done much with my sea shell collection from last year other than load them up in a plate and sit them out on a table…I suppose a time will come when they might end up nested with some tablescapes and other vignettes.

But I have used a couple of large clam shell halves as soap dishes…they look great.

You know me, I’m always looking for a chance to create something, so when we where here last year I made a heart with some shells we found on the beach that day. I just had to get a pic and who knows, this photo might even make it to a frame and hang on a wall someday.

um…guess I love the beach after all!

Ever heard of skim boarding?  I hadn’t until DS went and bought a skim board.  Looks fun but not sure I have the guts to try it.  We’ll see. I’ll only blog about it if I was awesome at it.  If not, you’ll never know 🙂

Tomorrow we are touring the Johnson Space Center…I’m jazzed about that, maybe we’ll see a real…?  Astronaut? Rocket?  I really don’t know what to expect.  This will be my first time to see it.  I think I’ll be amazed.


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