veggie tails & puppy dog tales

no. I didn’t flunk spelling

I just like quirky titles and if the title fits the post then I say go with it 🙂

We’ve dreamed of a garden for years. but I’m a city girl that knows nothing about growing food. I can grow flowers, until August that is and then everything becomes quite crispy here in Texas. This is probably why the South has the reputation of frying everything.

It’s as natural as sugar in your iced tea, strong southern accents, mosquitoes, flies and Mud Pies.  I bet you didn’t know we even have fried butter and fried beer at our state fair.

With little knowledge on gardening, beginning this project seemed daunting.Up until this year this is as close as I’ve ever been to growing a vegetable garden, my random garlic chives growing at the end of my driveway.  I think at one time I had attempted to grow some herbs, this is probably left over from that disaster.  So I can’t kill garlic chives, good to know.

Mr. Rustique and I talked and planned, discussed, plotted, compared notes and finally…

we got it done.

our first garden!

but before we got to this point…we had to tackle some other concerns.

Our garden is located in our back yard.


so is this!look at him.  sitting there like he’s just waiting for us to look the other way.

You see, before this container garden was full of tomatoes and pepper plants it was our compost bin for a year.

well Rudy was a bit confused…

he thought it was his personal feeding trough. the dog must have thought he had died and gone to heaven. now mind you, there were only veggie & fruit peels and scraps.  egg shells, coffee and tea grounds.  a rather strange diet wouldn’t you agree.

he’s a pig in dog’s clothing!

We did eventually come up with a solution and within a few weeks we were giddy when our first tomato began to grow.I was so excited!  I named him Bob.

I loved him.

Goofy I know. I documented his life. You can follow his growth here.

you probably think that I had passed goofy and went straight to insane. but it was all in good humor.

He was delicious too.

After Bob, our tomato plants went crazy and we enjoyed fresh juicy tomatoes for several weeks as well as some other varieties of vegetables from our garden.

so are you wondering what we did to keep Rudy out of the garden?

well you’ll just have to wait for the sequel!

What stage is your garden in?

We are in zone 7 and the temps have been in the 100’s since June, not really typical for us, usually the triple digits begin in July. With little to no rain, we are in a drought, so my garden is pretty much done, with exception of some melons that grew from the compost.

Looks like we’re gonna have some cantaloupe!


One thought on “veggie tails & puppy dog tales

  1. Hahaha. it’s a nice story. 😛
    Dogs love tomatoes as much as we do, and it’s really very hard to keep they away. It’s mostly healthy for dogs except the plant part.

    I like the pictures too. You have a cute dog.

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