mystery solved!

Yes…I’m showing you a photo of my compost dumping bin, not because it’s lovely, only because there is something lovely growing in it.
I posted the “what is it?” question on my facebook fan page
I have some really smart friends…they all pretty much figured it out.

Without the help of the “hint-hint” photo

Bird feeder at twelve o’clock…smack dab over the compost bin
I still wasn’t convinced
I’m a hard sell…a tiny bit skeptical at times 🙂
But I think the cat is out of the bag now.

What a nice surprise though…

Not only do I get some awesome flowers…

I got a few varieties and didn’t have to work at it!

Don’t these just brighten your day?

When I walk out on my deck and have a seat I catch a glimpse off yellow and have to go have a look.  This Giant Sunflower is as tall as me…I’m 5’7″!  That’s a tall flower.  It even survived our hail storm a few weeks ago.  You can see the damage on the leaves but the bloom survived.  Amazing!

I enjoy watching the bees buzz around the smaller sunflowers, one bee last week had so much pollen on him, he looked like he had trouble flying.

I’m off to work in the yard, it’s already a steam bath outside.  I was out for about 5 minutes taking some photos this morning and I knew this would be a day for the swimsuit…aren’t my neighbors lucky?  LOL!!!!!

Not even a hint of breeze

My flags are up but not waving today…even the pinwheel is stuck.  Maybe I’ll put a fan on it for the effect!

I’ll leave you with a splash of holiday color from my breakfast table this morning.

Patriotic Strawberries! they were yum.

Hope you stay cool and enjoy your Saturday.


3 thoughts on “mystery solved!

  1. Wow…how fun to have your very own beautiful sunflowers! =)

    I can’t believe it’s almost the 4th!!! The kids are looking forward to an exciting day!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

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