Collections…what’s in your closet?

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Are you a collector? I think everyone is to a point.

One can try to deny it, but I think the collective spirit is in everyone. I’ve always joked that I collect dust! But seriously, I collect…period!

Now it seems my collective spirit has rubbed off on those I love.


Starting with our youngest child,  Jake collects PEZ dispensers among other things…I’m not sure exactly how this came to be, but I do remember feeling relieved that his addiction collection would be affordable 🙂

He doesn’t discriminate, if it say’s PEZ he wants it.  Which means it could become expensive.   But hey; he’s working now, he can make those decisions.  I’ll stick with stuffing his stockings and birthday bags  with cheap dispensers.

If you recall when we did Jake’s  room reno, this peg board was added for this very reason.

He disappeared for hours one night…well, he was in his room unpacking his collection and organizing.  Yes, I said organizing!!!!  You can’t see the floor for all of the clothes; but this display rocks!


Our 4th child and lovely daughter…she collects purses, specifically Vera Bradley.  She loves Vera Bradley purses & bags so much that I told her she should contact to company to see if they needed a rep in North Texas.  She would be perfect.

She also collects books.  Currently she is adding to her Aunt Dimity Collection and she is collecting the leather bound classics from Barnes & Noble.  She is also building a nice DVD collection.


Our 3rd child was well on his way to collecting the most scars on any human body but he grew out of that stage, praise God!  He has not made me aware of any specific collection but I do know that he and his wife love Disney and they do have quite a few Disney collectibles.


Our 2nd child, he collects coins.  He’s building his collection with his son who will be six soon.  They have a wonderful time searching and researching, then organizing and gazing.  Chris has always collected, when he was young he collected baseball cards and he still has his collection of cards.


Our firstborn…as a teen she collected dolphins.  Not anymore though.  Now she and her husband are on a quest to build up their very own library.  It’s fun to listen to them talk about what they will be adding next and since they home school their children, they have amassed quite the collection of classic books and are currently collecting the Lamplighter Series.  She was on her way to an enviable TOMS collection but my son in law said “enough”!   Now she’s working on gathering family photos from all generations.

Mr. Rustique

He collects Green Bay Packer memorabilia…GO PACK!   He dreams of having a room someday to display all of his collection.  Right now it’s all packed away because it out grew the space he had it in. He also has a jar full of nickles, not sure why but why not?


Oh goody…it’s my turn!

Snowmen, vintage dishes, vintage silverware, anything rusty, tea cups, beads, wire, John Grisham books (we have them all!), doorknobs, plants, cookie jars,  …how about I just cut to the chase and say; “I’m up for collecting anything”

here are some of my tea cups, but not all!

I would collect the Franciscan Apple and English Ivy if I had room.  I have a few pieces of the English Ivy and a whole china hutch full of the Desert Rose!
You should check out my Everything Fransican Collection on Ebay. It grows daily!

I actually leave my doorknob collection in this bowl and have it sitting on the coffee table.

My grandkids love it.

I love to collect and I love it when I know what others collect, here’s why…

when I’m out shopping and I see an item that a friend or loved one collects, I immediately think of them and in the moment, I love on them, pray for them and if I can I will buy the item and stash it away to bless them with it for a birthday or maybe just because I love them.

and then I get all warm and fuzzy!

Collecting something makes it easy for people to buy for you too.  I know you’ve all had that helpless feeling of trying to find a gift for someone and you just don’t know what to buy, but if you know what they collect…or what their hobbies are, then your set! Unless they collect vintage cars…

no worries…

buy them a t-shirt that says;

“my hobbies are too expensive so I got this shirt”

If they won’t wear it;  they will at least have something to wax their vintage cars with! *giggle*

What do you collect?

One thought on “Collections…what’s in your closet?

  1. Obviously, I collect tribal artifacts, although my main focus is pre columbian deity representations. I prefer to collect items that will increase in value over time, instead of junk. Just my opinion!

    Tribal Art Hunter

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