today’s bountiful harvest & a cute little spider

This morning I spent time in my humble little garden

It’s already hot and muggy at 8:30, the only breeze is from the mosquitoes swarming around my ankles


This was my bountiful harvest

think I’m ready to tackle some acreage?

Butter lettuce, beets, onions, banana peppers and tomatoes

Somebody’s gonna have an awesome salad tonight.

Me and my mister!

oh, and I have a new friend

isn’t he adorable?

his name is Sunny 🙂

Hope your Tuesday is awesome!

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2 thoughts on “today’s bountiful harvest & a cute little spider

  1. The fruit of your labors look amazing…but I must say that Sunshine would become ‘Sunsmush” if it/he/she were anywhere near me. Sorry, but spiders just don’t strike my fancy! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard them termed ‘adorable’.

    Maybe you should watch the Infested show…there’s one about spiders…you might change your mind. =) LOL…lovely post. =)

  2. Everything looks so wonderful ( well maybe not the spider, we’ve had snakes!). We’ve been filling our bellies with fresh strawberries and snow peas so far. Everything is growing slowly because we had snow in may. Hugs!

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