curiously odd…i just had to share!

Ever wondered about these strange beings in your yard?

Get ready to be either completely amazed or completely grossed out!

eewww!!!  what’s that sticking out?

I had to know…. so I went searching for answers.

Google is my friend and my “go to” source for those really goofy questions have floating around in my head all the time.

So I Googled…“Life Cycle of a Cicada”

AMAZING right?

Ready for the gross part…LOL!

I used to climb trees and catch these with my bare hands when I was a kid!

Would you find me doing that today?  NO WAY!!!!!

What things did you do as a kid but would never do as an adult?


4 thoughts on “curiously odd…i just had to share!

  1. Great post…I knew immediately that it was a cicada…my daughter has educated me on them a few years back. We often find their ‘shells’, but once we managed to find the hatched cidada…it was amazing!

    Let’s see…I’m not entirely sure what I did when I was young that I wouldn’t do now. If my body would let me, I think I’d willingly try most things…oh wait…with exception to jumping off the high dive at the public pool! My daughter is so excited to be tall enough this year…well, that is ONE thing I would never do again. I will not stand that far off the ground in a swimsuit for everyone to watch me making a fool out of myself. =)

  2. I have seen their shells several times before and they always gross me out, but that little video clip is creepy!

    I used to catch lizards when I was kid, but not sure that I will ever do it as an adult. One of those little things clamped down on me and wouldn’t let go. Let me tell you it hurts. Whoever told me that they wouldn’t bite sure was wrong.

  3. LOL There’s quite a few things I wouldn’t do now that I did as a kid… mainly because I have a full understanding of my mortality! Things like free climbing a bluff along the Mississippi River… Uh-huh…

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