making more of a good thing!

Did you know that you could do this…

when this…

begins to do this…

it’s simply amazing!

this one plant has now been rooted and planted into two other containers and so far they are thriving.

this all happened when a piece of  this one…

broke off after transplanting in a a horrific wind storm 🙂  *drama*

I stuck it in water and it rooted!

Then I planted it and it is still alive 🙂 woohoo!

Now some of you might be rolling your eyes and saying to yourself; “duh…Cindi, you didn’t know that?”

uh nope!  I didn’t, but I do now

and this stuff…

doesn’t even need water to propagate!  Just snap it off and stick it in the dirt.

With plants like this anyone can have a lovely flower bed.

Even me!

Sweet Potato Vine is my friend for life.


4 thoughts on “making more of a good thing!

  1. Is it truly called Sweet Potato Vine? I’m no gardener, so sorry if it’s a dumb question, but I love it. I think it’d be a great gift to give, if I can find it local. =)

  2. I do love that full, spreading plant and can you believe that I don’t even have one? I sure wish I could get a little pinch from you! A number of the plants in my yard are clippings from other people and I love giving clippings away too. spreading the love through plants ❤ My sister-in-law gave me a clipping of her chocolate mint last year and it is still very healthy, but her plant froze this past winter, so thankfully I can give a clipping back to her! Yours are all so pretty.

  3. I guess I can’t consider myself the savvy gardener I thought I was….cuz I didn’t think to try this one!!! I’m going to now though…I’m off to get my clippers!!! Thanks! BTY…What garden zone are you in Cindi? I’m zone 3…brrrrr

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