she did what? and what he said about it!

This post at The Lettered Cottage started the whole thing!

or was it the need for bricks for a path in my backyard?

Do I really need a reason for doing some of the hair brained things I do?

it would probably make life easier and

my husband might embrace my creative side a little bit more if I wasn’t so….

what’s that word?

spontaneous?   destructive?

I call it productive and there’s always the “bigger picture”

I must fail miserably at communicating that to him or he just doesn’t see my genius vision.

Here’s where I plan to have a brick pathway.

It will be awesome!

My plans always are 🙂

but here’s where the path turns or maybe it goes astray…

I was drooling over this  mantle at The Lettered Cottage.

Isn’t it just lovely?  So clean. So fresh. So adaptable.

to see this you should go back and see how many times they have cleverly used this area in their home.

nothing short of awesome.

This photo got me thinking about how much I dislike my fireplace.

(are you already wondering what this has to do with a brick pathway?)

At first I was inspired and I jumped away from my computer refreshed and energize to freshen up my mantle for summer.

And then I walked into my den and felt immediate sadness

it was just ugly!

My fireplace needed to be cleaned out from the winter fires.

The antique brass glass door screen (hand me down) had seen it’s better days, years ago.

Off it came and in the trash it went.

I cleaned off  the mantle. I left the dust, you’ll see why later.

My mantle is mammoth! No exaggeration needed…it’s huge and ugly!

did you know…it comes off?

yep. it does.

I began pulling on and and something got in my way.


the real thing I dislike the most…the hearth!

for years I’ve dreamed of it being gone. just to vanish into thin air.

it’s stained. it’s in my way. it’s a hazard to my mental health.

for years I’ve cringed every time a child toddled near it.

my grand kids climb on it.  fall off of it.

and give me panic attacks when they play around it.

to me it’s useless. and did I mention that it was ugly?

back to the mammoth mantle…I don’t like it either.

and further more, I’m sick of looking at the color of the bricks!

So I’m going to make some changes.

Hubby was out of the house until noon.

It’s was 9am.

Last Saturday morning.

I had plenty of time.

DS was willing to be my partner in crime.

two hammers. one determined woman.



it was done.

no going back now…was I worried about what hubby would say?

I’m not telling.

Let’s just say I met him in the driveway and broke the news to him gently.

I didn’t get a photo of his reaction

but when he came in and saw the end result

he was pleased.

pleased that he wasn’t asked to do it

pleased that it was cleaned up

pleased that I got that off of my brain and would quit telling him how much I hated it

pleased that I could move on to more important things that needed to be done

pleased that he now had a pile of bricks to make my brick pathway!

Rudy (dog) on the other hand was not too pleased, above he is seen right before he lost his breakfast on my floor

I guess demolition is stressful to our pets.

poor baby

see…I even got them organized and ready to go!

I’m thoughtful that way 🙂

For now the fireplace story will have to be continued…

I have found tile for the floor in front and we will be painting the brick (yay)

the mantle…it’s destiny has yet to be determined.

but you can bet you’ll get to see along the way.

So do you see the “bigger picture”

are you thinking I’m a nut case…are ya scratch’n your head wondering; what the heck is she thinking?

My hubby wants me to give you a message;

“stop wasting your time, you’ll never figure her out. 9 times out of 10 she’s right and it turns out looking great”

I didn’t make him say that either.


Remember the give.a.way?  I have eight winners!!!!

Congratulations to:

Kimberlee – Stoneware Bar Pan & Mini Serving Spatula

Kristen – Mini Whipper

Anastasia – All Purpose Spreader

Darleen, Autumn, Stephanie, Katherine & Anita – Season’s Best Cookbooks

for those who picked Scotty to win…you were spot on!

my favorite Pampered Chef Kitchen tool…

the Skillet!

I use it at least 4 nights out of the week.

thank you all who participated.

Off to clean up my house now…it’s a tad bit dusty from the weekend projects

Oh yes, there were more!


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