Welcome To My Cozy Porch

Last weekend I painted my ugly front door
It was hideous as you might recall
It’s okay…my feelings won’t be hurt if you agree with me
So this week, day by day, I fluffed
I added a chair that I had in my kitchen

It was dubbed the “queen’s chair” because that is where I sit every morning and have coffee

oh don’t worry about me, I’ll find another spot to curl up…I have several favorite spots 🙂

I found some sample fabric that I’ve had for eons…
no really…years
I buy fabric and hoard it away for that “special” project
geesh…I finally had a place I really wanted to use it
I will never grow tired of cabbage roses on fabric, I don’t care how out dated it looks
it’s romantic and a bit wild in a sophisticated way. slap some burlap on the back and sew it up! Voila!

the green pillow is two dinner napkins stuffed with Rudy fluff.  don’t freak out.  I didn’t stuff it with my dog

that’s just what we call pillows that have been destroyed by Rudy.  I save the fluff for new pillows.


I added an area rug because I didn’t like my porch and I’m just not in the mood to do anything about that right now

nestled next to the willow chair I placed a vintage stacking tray table

it came with three trays but I took one off and use it for my laptop when I’m in bed

I’m such a bum…

without the third tray it’s just the right height

one galvanized watering can, a vintage sifter in a fabulous shade of green, a cracked Franciscan Desert Rose tea cup and saucer is home to my favorite succulents

I found the galvanize chalk board stake in Fredricksburg and the Red Baron Antique Mall…had to have it!

that’s now a regular stop when I go down to see my daughter.

Do you like my photo shopped gerbera daisies?  yeah…I didn’t get the that little task yet.

Gerberas  are what I plan to have there anyway so this is a great visual!

aahhh…the front door wreath. my nemesis!

the grapevine wreath is something else I’ve had for about 15 years. my husband’s step-father made it for me out of the grapevine that grew in the woods next to their house up in Ohio. he has since passed but I still have his work of art.

Off to Hobby Lobby to buy flowers and greenery for my front door. I felt like a fish out of water.

Give me wire and beads and I’ll design and create a cross for any decor with all the confidence in the world…but this was just stressing me out.

I confessed on my FB page yesterday that floral design was not my gift and I put a photo of  my first attempt up for critiquing.  My fans were so kind and very helpful.  I loved all of the input and helpful suggestions.

the photo on the left was my first try and the photo I put up on my fan page.

I took all of the suggestions and added a few of my own and came up with the one on the right.

switched a couple of flowers, added a birds nest, berries and the most popular suggestion

baby’s breath…the feather was my idea 🙂

maybe I’m getting the hang of it now.

it’ll do for now.

my front porch faces east.

this will fade by fall I’m sure and I’ll redo it in autumn colors.

are you ready for the before and after?

here we go!



and now…



from cruddy to cozy in one week!


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Have you entered?  Whatcha wait’n for?


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Cozy Porch

  1. Cindi…. what a beauty of an entrance! Ok, now I’m going to re-do MY entry! I’ll create a post when I’m done….
    You’re so creative !

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