A Successful Special Delivery

thank you Susie…they arrived today!

this one goes in the “success” column!

they are absolutely beautiful.

My husband answered the door when the postman knocked

He came into my office with a box from Iowa

he asked; “what did you order now?”

I thrust my chin upward in a prideful way and said, “nothing” (batting my eyes)

and then it hit me!  Oh!  It’s my hydrangeas Susie sent me.

giddy with anticipation I opened and found a note on how to unpack my dried lovelies.

does this girl know how to pack or what?

and Susie I want you to know that I always follow the rules 🙂

but I’m not one to clean up when there are more pressing things to do…

such as place these in a vase and take photos to show off my beauties.

the peanuts are still where I dumped them in the middle of the garage floor.

I’ll pick them up…when I’m done bragging

Aren’t they pretty…creamy white with a hint of soft green and tinged ever so lightly with pink.

I’m in love.

and I figured out I can grow them, but they have to be in the shade.  I saw some in a flower garden in the front of my son’s school, under a huge live oak tree.  I didn’t realize they grew so big, the foliage was amazing, so lush and green.  They were a dark pink color.  The blooms really popped against the deep green leaves.

I feel so special.

I was so excited to see these my hubby thought I had jumped on board the crazy train.

humm…maybe he’ll realize that flowers bring a smile to my face

a pep in my step

a dreamy far away look in my eyes

yeah right! *snort*

Susie of Heart n Home,  you are just the sweetest

Thank you.Thank you.Thank you

Now the big question…how do I keep them clean?

and how do I grow my own in my yard?

any gardeners out there wanting to share their gardening knowledge?

I’m off  to go drool over my dried hydrangeas all the way from Iowa!


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some awesome items up for grabs

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4 thoughts on “A Successful Special Delivery

  1. Wow, REAL, dried Hydrangeas!!! Now I definitely have to get some of those! Gorgeous and I totally understand your giddy-ness after their arrival!

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