Curb Appeal…Front Door Before & After

Dear Neighbors,
I am so sorry. I never realized how ugly my door was until I decided it needed to be painted. I took photos for this blog post and when I went to crop and upload the photos, I almost cried. Wow! It was so ugly and you endured it all this time. Funny since I don’t look at it everyday it just never occurred to me how ugly it was.  I hope you will forgive me.  I will try to do better from now on.

This front door looks like it is straight out of the 80’s but then it should…our house was built in 85 and we moved into it in 1986.  It’s been painted once and as you can tell it was a long time ago.  We removed the metal kick plate and found rust.  This time I was not excited about rust as it was eating pits into my metal door.  Not good.

Some would say it’s time for a new door. I would agree. But money is flying out faster than coming in these days with several home improvement projects in the works.  Some of them demand more immediate attention and funding.  This poor front door is going to have to suffice for awhile longer.

Paint is cheap.  Well cheaper than a new front door.

Prep work was needed which meant scrubbing the rusted area with a wire brush removing as much rust as possible and then using a metal primer/filler spray paint to made for this type of project.  It fills in the imperfections and stops the rust process.

Just so I’m clear…this is a temporary solution for now as this door is old and has seen better days.

I gave it several coats of primer letting each application dry completely before spraying again.

When using the wire brush you are creating metal dust.  Precautions should be taken so that you don’t inhale any metal dust as well has any paint.  It was a bit breezy today so I was careful not to inhale any over spray.

As you can see the paint was really faded and just plain ugly.

This is really embarrassing to share with you all. Nice huh?

yes those are holes in the wood from years of stapling garland around the door at Christmas time.  Just so you know, wood putty does “not” come in a gallon.  It looked like I might need that much.

Then there were the light fixtures…

It just gets worse.When we had vinyl siding installed about eons ago, the light fixtures needed something solid to mount on.  So we did wood blocks and had planned to paint and trim out.  But we never did it.  They just went up and the wood stayed unpainted.

Here I have removed the glass domes and unscrewed from the wood so I could clean the dead bugs out and get to the wood.  We will come back and trim this out!  I promise.  See now that I’ve said that, I have too.  Because you all will hold me accountable.  Right?

Here’s the new color.  Looks like chocolate doesn’t it.  Yum!

This is just one coat.  I will finish up tomorrow and reattach the door handle.

But here is the full view.

Silly light.  I put them all back together after cleaning and new bulbs.  Did I consider turning on the lights to see if the bulbs worked?  Nope and of course one didn’t work.

So here it is, one coat applied to the door and frame and one more to go.

You know what I need to do now don’t you?

New door mat.  Yes I know.

but I was thinking about staining the front porch.

what do you think?

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