Radish Harvest & My Sweet Tooth

My first attempt at gardening continues to reap rewards of veggie loveliness
Aren’t these the prettiest radishes you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Would you agree that I’ve gone off the deep end here?

But really…they are pretty.

Except for those little pesky green worms who lost their lives when I caught them munching on the green leaves; this experience was great and I would give my gardening efforts an A+!

They even look good with dirt on them…how many things in life can boast that?

check out my cheap cute garden marker… wanna know where I got it?

I’ll tell you in a sec šŸ™‚

I think that gardening photography is my newest passion

I gave these little beauties a bath and I still think they look better with a bit of soil on them but now they are ready to eat…add some salt and pop them in your mouth.


Oh yes… about the garden marker.Ā  Okay, remember…no you might not…but in one post awhile back I mentioned that I “had” to eat some sweet rolls.

I just HAD to!!!

Because…the little cup of icing has a little silver lid on it and I used them to make my garden markers this year.

Oh the sacrifices I make for my garden.

I needed about 10…those calories shouldn’t count. Right?

so here’s the DIY tutorial for the garden marker in the top photo

tell me if I go to fast…

buy these sweet rolls

cook and eat these sweet rolls

wash little round silver lid on icing container

write on it with a black sharpie

punch hole at top with nail and hammer

use spare wire to make a loop

I used 14 gauge wire to make the stake, about 10″ in length

with pliers grab one end of wire fold over and the bend the end up to make a hook.

stick it in the ground

you’re done!

Anyway…at least now I have given you a very good reason to eat some sweet rolls.

No need to thank me…that’s what I’m here for!

and then there’s Bob.

he’s growing quite nicely…and quite slow

I’ve seen babies ween faster than he is at turning red!

I wanted to pick him…but hubby said “no”

I said maybe he’s supposed to be green

you know there are green tomatoes!

duh!…we fried them and eat them.

he still said NO!

Patience is not my virtue…it’s my torment!

Now I need a sweet roll.

So what’s new in your garden?


I think it’s time for a give-a-way šŸ™‚

what should I tease you with…hummmm let’s see

my Pampered Chef catalog party was a huge success and I got some extra goodies for all of my hard work…LOL!

so…how about I share some of my favorites with you…would you like that?

FREE Pampered Chef products…have I got your attention?


See you here tomorrow for the details!

One thought on “Radish Harvest & My Sweet Tooth

  1. Fruit already? that’s amazing. I don’t know that much gardening has gone on in NY…so much rain! Those rolls look amazing too. =) I’m glad I can’t be tempted to eat them. =)

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